Women’s error which will not tolerate any man

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Sometimes men leave even the most loved of women. Likestory.net tried to understand why this happens and have made a selection of the most common mistakes, avoiding which women are at risk of losing a loved one.

It is trying to fix

Women's error which will not tolerate any man

Feelings to the woman slowly cooled, if a man begins to feel that he’s not cool enough, that it has too many shortcomings that he can’t be himself, not having received the portion of criticism from his wife. In this case, it will activate the mode “with things to exit”.

Undoubtedly, in each case, all depends on men. For example, if we are talking about Smoking cessation, sensible people will see this as positive and caring. There are, however, traditions and principles that can become a cause of separation. These include:

– a desire to change his circle of friends;

– refusing to leave him alone with friends (even while watching a football match on TV);

– limitation of personal time outside of the home.

Women seek to tame the man, making him a project and struggling to sculpt the “man of dreams”

Women's error which will not tolerate any man

One of the greatest minds in the world Albert Einstein once said, “Men marry women hoping that they never change. Women marry with the hope that their partner will change. And those others will inevitably be disappointed”.

In fact, people don’t change. They should not be changed. The only thing evolution in them over time, this understanding of who they really are. Man is able to grow only through loving and supporting his companion. The woman is a whiner trying to criticize and change it to your liking, it does not fit.

Scaring him the success of his wife

Women's error which will not tolerate any man

Like it or not, scientists have long proven that men are afraid of the achievements of their spouse. Moreover, research has been conducted in remote areas of India or Africa, and in cultural and tolerant USA.

Sociologists from the University of Florida proved that men experience a lot of stress and infringement of self-esteem when their female partners achieve goals. A negative reaction to the women’s victory was observed, even when the man and woman were not direct competitors.

Women’s success negatively affect men’s vision of the future relations. Even if a man stands for equality of the to making love, he does not believe in long term relationship with a successful woman.

The situation is exacerbated if the man himself has not reached the deserved, in his opinion, success. In this case, he will not be able to celebrate a success or victory together with his companion all the time to think about their own failures and shortcomings. He may want to collect things and to leave to lick his wounds elsewhere.

Nagging spouse

Women's error which will not tolerate any man

Perpetual dissatisfaction is that I hate both. But men are probably stronger.

Who can love nagging wife? It is capable of seven hours to nag you about the broken lid of the toilet, then another three hours to grumble about your failure to find a better job to support a wife as it is her friend or relative.

In most cases, such conversations men just ignore. Unfortunately, in the long term, the constant whining and claims of still being able to affect the relationship. They form in men a negative habit to ignore and avoid contact with his companion. It flows into passive aggression destroys the relationship.

The woman saw in the eyes of adequate men is the most uninteresting from a passionate
point of view of being in the world, and despite the strong feelings, he probably does not want to have anything to do with it.

The lack of physical intimacy

Women's error which will not tolerate any man

A man needs to reach no less than a woman. If a woman speculates that, blackmailing the man, treating making  love as a bargaining chip, her partner may abandon the relationship and go in search of one that will be happy to give him all he needs and he deserves.

A man should feel that he remains for his beloved passionate┬ámisconduct on the planet, and not a “reserve airfield”.

She compares him with other men

Women's error which will not tolerate any man

One of the most painful ways to hit on the male ego and feelings in the conversation to compare man with other. This is the beginning of the end.

Even if feeling a pair of strong and pure as that of Romeo and Juliet, the man will be bored with the Ghost of past relationships comes alive in conversations and memories, his passions, and he will leave.

The representative of the stronger making love is not interesting, how is it better or worse than the previous partner. He wants to be the only one who matters right now.

Mutual emotional dependency

Women's error which will not tolerate any man

From time to time the man should be alone. No matter how he loved his woman, he sometimes needs space to think things through, to do something for yourself.

A man does not want to feel the property of a woman, he don’t want it everywhere they carry with them like a purse. He is not eager to be a babysitter.

Healthy relationships require that both parties had their friends and Hobbies. As soon as men there is a feeling of lost freedom, inability to escape to the gym for a tour or a social event with friends, he starts to weigh his position and often comes to the conclusion that the breakup is the only way to gain freedom.

Don’t underestimate a person who wants freedom. For this he is capable of anything, even that will break his heart.