What do women say or why we doubt in the women’s intelligense?

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How perceive smart women and how different curriculum for boys and girls.

Recently hosted the event “Women in virtual reality” — a panel discussion of six of these professional women. Give each of the speakers has made a career of dream in the still evolving technology of virtual reality (VR): there was a developer from Google, a designer, a Creator Academy VR, directed by animator and Director associated with the VR business. The first question came from the audience after their presentation was: how to react to new acquaintances when they learn of their occupation. It turned out that the most common reaction is genuine surprise: “Yes cannot be! You must be very smart?” One of the participants noted that this question still enters it into a stupor.

Imagine if instead of these beautiful women in front of an audience sat six men — of developers, engineers, business leaders. Imagine them sincere surprise: “Wow, you must be very smart?” Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? This situation reminded me of a close post-Soviet space, where the exclamation is not uncommon. Moreover, the idea of the women from the series “are either intelligent or beautiful” with a clear advantage in favor of the latter established so that any attempt to talk about how much we are enslaved to stereotypes about themselves, lead to the reaction “what’s wrong?” – including among women.

What do women say or why we doubt in the women's intelligense?

Why do we have such diametrically different expectations from men and women? Why is the mentality of the men considered to be his prerogative as an intelligent woman reacts as something, shall we say, exotic? Try to ask this question to friends on Facebook, and you, of course, tell you about what women really being weak, irrational and prone to menstrual cycles, and in General they are not able to kill the dragons, as men do now, in the twenty-first century, nor even to do integrals.

But something here doesn’t add up.

Talk about school. To put it mildly, not the intellectual ability of the girls lead to the fact that by the end of school they are often much more concerned about how to please the boys, but rather the expectation of the society in which you are either intelligent or beautiful. And if you’re smart, you’ll have more difficult, because the request is likely to be on a beautiful wife, who will fall, but will pave the way to a man’s heart through his stomach.

In 1971 Linda Nochlin is an art historian with a philosophical education, wrote the text, without which today can not do any class on art of the twentieth century. In the article “Why no great women artists,” she says:

“The cause is not our destiny, our hormones, our menstrual cycles or our hollow internal organs, and our institutional arrangements and our education — education here means everything that happens to us from the moment we enter this world of meaningful symbols, signs and signals.”

So, back to the education: we see that while boys and girls, relatively speaking, not Mature secondary sexual characteristics, and those and others may praise you for a good education. Although no! It ends much earlier with the introduction of the lessons of labor education, when the task of the girls – to cook porridge and stitch apron/skirt/nightie (optional), and the task of the boy — nails and some woodwork.

What do women say or why we doubt in the women's intelligense?

What starts out closer to the senior class, if we talk about the world of “meaningful symbols, signs and signals”, shifts to the girl the whole set of established social constructs, which require you to conform to the “norm” — written in quotation marks because the idea of women’s purpose in the range from Boobs to soup artificial. The consequences are evident, and among them are often significantly more complicated professional growth and the constant pressure from the companies. However, negligent parents, teachers, advertisers with employers, the University and the minds of “statesmen” rested continue to drive this idea into the heads.

The latter, as you remember, I almost put in circulation manual “Family values” for pupils of 8-9 classes, which is very clearly mentioned that a man brave, generous, he is an artist who is always seeking for something new. Meanwhile, the essence of a real woman that “Never argues, does not prove, not trying to manage the situation” is to my being to help realize the male talent.

“Is there another way?” – you will ask. Happen. Take the example of Iceland, which analysts of The Economist magazine placed first in the list of best States for working women. One episode in the history of women’s strike on October 24, 1975 — led to radical changes in the structure of society. That day 90% of Icelandic women teachers, nurses, office workers and Housewives — have decided not to work, showing how their work is indispensable. 25 thousand of them came out to protest, demanding equal pay and other labour rights. Later they created their initiatives for lobbying for women’s rights, five years was chosen as the first woman President, and already in the 90s, the education system was reformed in such a way that both boys and girls brought up in the idea of equal opportunities. If you want to see the result, I recommend a documentary by Michael Moore, “Where to invade next?”. But be careful: there’s too much beauty.

What do women say or why we doubt in the women's intelligense?

Just in case I will specify that this text is not a crusade from the series “feminism vs femininity”. One does not negate the other, and each of us has a choice how to be. It’s about what we would much more fully reveal my abilities, if our society didn’t bury us in a set formed of a Patriarchal system of assessment criteria of women, including her cognitive abilities.

What do women say? A couple of months ago my friend told me in Skype about her intention to start a business, and 40 minutes we discussed how to transfer the apartment in uninhabited Fund and to make the window of the door. Another sends me a funny note: ” I am feeling as I formed new neural connections!” And the third retells his illegal trip to Chernobyl for the film, which, incidentally, just hosted at the prestigious American festival. And I think, where the hell did this transition from a serious intellectual superiority in the girls times all schools to “Be silent, woman, your day – the Eighth of March”? Anyway, a society in which education implies equal opportunity to realise their talents, perhaps.

What do women say or why we doubt in the women's intelligense?