Women that men would run like hell

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Recently, we often meet single women. Different ages, different financial status, different views. The only thing they have in common is chronic loneliness. Why? Why these lovely, beautiful, smart and decent women alone? Try to understand…

Likestory.net wondered – why, it would seem that such a good, lovely woman alone? Why can’t they find their “other half”, although apparently they have everything to win the heart of men.
Interviewing men, we have identified ten types of women that men would run and suddenly stop.

Dear ladies, just want to warn you that this “male gaze”, so sorry for the subjectivity.

1. Overconfidence

Women that men would run like hell

We call such women – “Lady, I’m doing great”. Such women immediately are given to understand that came down from heaven to earth not out of interest but, rather, a favor to her man. They have little time, they look at the clock, and basically all communication with them boils down to listening to stories about how they are all cool – at work, in the family, and, Oh the paradox!) even in personal life! Nothing wrong with that in fact she probably all bad, she pretends that she is strong and independent.

2. Excessive refinement

Women that men would run like hell

This is another trait that “freeze out” men in women is their excessive sophistication. She goes to all the festivals of avant-garde cinema? She’s got all friends “Bottle” or “Wine cellar” — down the drain! Most men with their love of simple natural things will feel “black sheep” in the flock of sophisticated and advanced hipsters, with whom she feels “at ease”.

3. Excessive “correctness”

Women that men would run like hell

Such women, once you know them better, begin to strain its correctness. She doesn’t drink a drop of alcohol, she doesn’t smoke, she goes to bed at exactly 23:00, she does yoga…

The more a man learns a woman, the more he understands it, he can never be a whole collection of bad habits, which he’s not going to give up.

4. Maniacal desire to get married

Women that men would run like hell

If you on the second date are to acquaint with their parents – have to run! I think most men in this there is no doubt. These women can immediately recognize the stories about the family values that my parents met in high school and still together, about how important it is to join their “family nest”. Understand women, we are not against “family nests” but his impatience and unwillingness to let things happen on their own you are laying in us a suspicion – not whether the “family nest” in fact “the pen, calf pasture”.

5. The belief that man is a purse

Women that men would run like hell

No sane man will allow a woman to pay for dinner or for a taxi on the first date. But almost all men “freeze” when a woman thinks that this is almost the main mission of men – pay and pay. Shy on first dates is welcome. Women attempt to pay for your cocktail will be stopped by the man, but go 10 extra points “in her karma.” For men it is a signal – I’m a woman, but I’m not looking for a sponsor. I spend time with the one you chose, not who pays the bills. Oh, how often we see quite the opposite picture…

6. The desire to surround man total attention and care

Women that men would run like hell
Believe me women, men annoying, and not happy when he wakes up, and already Wats Up “Good morning darling!” and a bunch of hearts, sponges and emoticons. He goes to work, and Wats Up her picture in a Onesie with a sad face “I miss you”. God forbid, if there will be a fluffy kitten or puppy! While he was driving to work, she got in his profile on Facebook and likes all his pictures.

The man realizes he’s surrounded. Genetically almost any man’s maniacal desire to be free. It is in principle ready to hand over their freedom to the one you love, but when the perimeter of the living space men put up red flags, it is likely to develop an escape plan.

7. High school teacher

Women that men would run like hell

Such women can be recognized even by their manner of dress. Most likely, it is strict business suit. She’s a walking encyclopedia and she’s got an opinion. She doesn’t understand the simple truth that we need to play up a bit man, flatter his vanity, to pretend to be sometimes more naive than she really is. It generates many awkward moments, demonstrating a deep knowledge in mechanics, science, politics and business.

8. Excessive obsession with their appearance

Women that men would run like hell
All of these women’s lives devoted to the service of his body. The day is divided into two parts – before and after a salon salon. What is output? Well-groomed body, perfect skin, but the emptiness inside… She was so fond of pointing outer beauty that I forgot or scored on the inside. Of course, men are attracted to well-groomed women, BUT… for a long-term relationship that’s not enough.

9. A staunch career woman

Women that men would run like hell

With a woman it is interesting to discuss the state of the Russian economy, oil prices and exchange rates, but after a while the man realizes that business or career is the only thing it really carries. It’s scary, because in the traditional understanding of men, in the first place a woman should be very different values – family, children, home. Typically, these women are moving from the status of “halves” to the status of “just a friend” or “interesting conversationalist”.

10. Woman – “the mole”

Women that men would run like hell

What is scary mole? The fact that it is colorless, silent, and faceless. So often, a man meets a woman, which seemed to be all good and sweet, and educated, and home…But something was missing. Not enough life, not enough fire, though the sparks! It can be the shadow of a man, but never will complement its image. Even if they begin a relationship, he will hide it from friends, however, “the female mole has a unique ability to remain unnoticed even in the noisy company.