You will be shocked from that will show this girl!

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The heroine of our stuff breaks all the stereotypes. Her name is Emma Haslam and she is now 29 years old. This girl proved that you can dance with any weight, and he nearly prevents a person in achieving the desired. The main thing — to want.

She has already achieved much in the art of dance. The girl is the winner of numerous competitions. She admits that she loves the reaction of the audience on these curvy shape.

In 27 years, Emma decided to participate in the famous show “Britain’s got talent” to prove to the world that even girls in the body can show in many ways pirouettes on the pylon. The majority of fans and haters interested in personal life of a dancer.

She is married and is raising 5-year-old daughter. And did not drop the class pole-dance, even being pregnant! When a woman goes on stage, the audience is prepared to laugh at her. A moment later, all speechless! Even the most strict judge of the project “Britain’s Got talent” opened his mouth in surprise!