What will happen if 30 kg of dry ice to throw into the pool

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CrazyRussianHacker decided to take for the experiment, 30 kg. he Then puts on gloves and throws the ice in the cooler. Once large blocks are split up into small pieces, he throws the whole mix into the pool – and we become witnesses of boiling magic. So, You may ask yourself: what did the dry ice with this pool. Although the 200 pounds of dry ice will not damage the pool, whatever it was, you need to keep all the necessary security measures.

Rule number one: never try this trick on the indoor pool. According to the website ‘ehow’ if the super-cold ice is in a warm room, the CO2 level will rise to very high levels.

However, CO2 is a dangerous substance and can cause suffocation if You use this method in a confined space. I think after all this description, You quickly wanted to see this experiment in action!

But we warn that in no case should not repeat such experiences, it can be dangerous for your health!