Wider view. 5 most attractive tourist sightseeing towers

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Five observation decks for tourists to see more than on the most detailed tour.

Advanced tourists exploring new places from a to z: guides, relevant literature and other attributes of deep immersion in the subject of study. But there is another approach that will save time and will allow you to screw in a conversation something like “but with a bird’s eye N the city looks completely different”. It is open to tourists of high-rise platforms. Five “the review” platforms selected Likestory.net.

Guangzhou TV Tower, China
Visible horizon — 78 km 938 m

Wider view. 5 most attractive tourist sightseeing towers
Full height of the tower is an impressive 600 meters, but the observation deck is located much lower at 488 meters. However, it is the highest (available to regular visitors) viewpoint, which offers a really panoramic view. However, mainly in the field of view will be residential areas and industrial zones fourth largest city of China. Except that several dilute Islands on the river Juzjani and barely visible on the horizon of the East China sea. Would the Playground on the hundred and fifty meters higher — and it could well be considered the Hong Kong.


Shanghai world financial center, China
Visible horizon — the 77 km to 798 m

Wider view. 5 most attractive tourist sightseeing towers
Platform at a height of 474 m gives an overview per kilometers less than the first number of the rating, but the view it offers not much better. If you wish, on the horizon you can see the Islands of the Western China sea, in the details the magnificent panorama of Shanghai and to ask the guide the direction in which the horizon lies South Korea, Japan or Okinawa.


Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE
Visible horizon — 75 km 970 m

Wider view. 5 most attractive tourist sightseeing towers
If the platform placed closer to the top of the 828-meter skyscraper, the review would have been a good 25 km more, but the builders of the tallest skyscraper in the world did everything that the tourists thought about it. Panoramic glass floor in itself is amazing and breathtaking. Plus there can be the details to consider any object in one of the many telescopes and even get online help without leaving your lens. In short, the dream for nerds to enrage guides dozens of questions.


Sky tree, Tokyo, Japan
Visible horizon — 75 km 703 m

Wider view. 5 most attractive tourist sightseeing towers
Another tower in the ranking and the second tallest structure after the Burj Khalifa has a full height of 634 meters, But the highest of three observation decks, as all the TV towers that are located well below its height of “only” 451,2 m. But from here you can all the details the skyline of Tokyo, Tokyo Bay and even the Pacific ocean — on the horizon, if you look to the East. Plus in the tower itself enough boutiques and restaurants to enjoy the types of tourists, and at its foot is a round shopping centre.


The CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
Visible horizon — 66 km 469 m

Wider view. 5 most attractive tourist sightseeing towers
The last issue of the rating and the third tower it offers tourists up to an altitude of 346 m. This record can be increased (up to 351 m), but have to order one of the 416 seats in the restaurant located on the next tier. However, the view is there and there will be about the same: panorama of Toronto, lake Ontario and the city airport. But if the guide reported that in good weather, it can be seen lake Erie and is located on the Bank of Buffalo (USA), do not believe. Both do not even see the spire of the tower, with a height of 553,3 m.