Why, falling asleep, we experience the sensation of falling?

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Each of us felt as though will fall somewhere before you fall asleep or during sleep? Are you ever bothered by the question of what happens to you in this moment and how to explain it?

Someone continues to sleep, but most people abruptly wakes up and feels anxiety, fear, and a frantic heartbeat.

Some suggest that the way the soul leaves the body and goes flying. Believe it or not, to solve only to you.
Ready to learn the truth? This is a natural physiological process, which is called the spasmodic contraction.

Our sleep consists of several cycles. The cycle consists of four stages.

“Drop” occurs at the first stage of sleep.

In the moment when you fall asleep, muscles relax, and the brain needs to function. Relaxation of the muscles is interpreted by the brain as falling, so he tries to Wake up.

According to other information it’s a reflex designed to prevent falling from trees in those days, when people were still sleeping on them.

Some people think that in this moment they struck the current, and so they instantly Wake up. The reason may be fatigue, anxiety and nervousness. Try to stay in a good mood and to release the head from thoughts.

According to statistics, it happens to the 7 people out of 10, once or regularly. If it really bothers you, you can go to the doctor. In General, it is not harmful to your health. Sleep well!

Why, falling asleep, we experience the sensation of falling?