What your watch say about you

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You are an athlete, the hipster or businessman: the watch will tell the truth.

They say that wristwatches man needs to cost as much as ten of his wages. However, to afford such a luxury only those who have these salaries several. But the meaning of this phrase is watch needs to present to the person in front of other people, in a word, to tell him who he is and where, what his character, what are his priorities and how much he earns. The watch is versatile and simple accessory that few people uses in order to know the time. They are athletes, businessmen, ordinary office workers, girls in heels and guys on motorcycles… So what does your wrist watch can tell about you and your character?

Before to understand this, let’s first have a little break stereotypes. Somehow, one of the subordinates of Mr. Roman Abramovich noticed that on the arm of a simple clock. The company was known, they were collected efficiently, but cost is so cheap that a subordinate has misunderstood: how and why one of the richest people in the world who can wear such a watch? Deciding that his boss sets the trend for using low-cost hours, observant man laid down his rolex and bought a watch exactly the same brand as his boss. When the tycoon found out, he was furious and said, “You’re not so wealthy that I could afford to wear a cheap watch. So get all this stuff and spend a few million on a nice watch because you’re representing my company.”


Sports style

You’re easy going. Most likely, you wear your clothes crumpled up in the backpack. In it, in addition to sports clothes, lying some shaker. You run, ride my bike, and probably get on it in University or at work. Sport your all, in fact, that’s why you chose a watch that will not only look cool, but also to help you in your study. Perhaps your muscles are noticeable to others even more than your watch.

What your watch say about youCasio G-Shock GA-100A-9A, cost $99.99

What your watch say about youGarmin fenix 3 HR, the cost 599,99 $


Apple Watch

It is a separate category for hours, so to speak, wealthy people. Most likely, you’re obsessed with Apple technology, you get frantic fun when you’re on the phone receives a message, and you read it on the screen hours. You signed to Apple Music and look forward to the release of the new iPhone. You wish that Siri was alive and real, and the word Samsung you shudder.

What your watch say about youThe Apple Watch Sport, the cost$269.00


Other smart watches

Do you follow modern technologies and try to be in trend. I think that your perspective is somewhat broader than the wealthy people who wear the Apple Watch. You love to drink coffee and read news on fashion resources. You measure your steps and then tell your friends about it. You don’t care whether they’re interested or not, you just need to talk.

What your watch say about youSamsung Gear S2 Classic


Watch the pilot

Deep down, you dream of that when in flight the pilot has a heart attack, confused the stewardess asks: “Can someone take it over?”. Then you don’t get confused. You like planes, and you think pilots are really cool guys. You are not frightened by the prospect of making a sequel to the movie “Top gun”.

What your watch say about youBreitling AVENGER II, the costs $5 100



You’re wearing an expensive jacket and generally can afford to buy expensive clothes. Do you like “Formula 1”, and all riders you know by name. Maybe you even applied to be the presenter of the program “Top Gear” because I decided I could do better.

What your watch say about youOmega Speedmaster Racing , cost $ 2 995,00


Classic with leather strap

Most likely, along with this watch you wear glasses in some cool frames. The watch strap color should match the shoes. The bottom button of his jacket you always leave unbuttoned and generally attentive to all the details in your clothes.

What your watch say about youPatek Philippe Calatrava, cost about $35,000.00


Retro-bright plastic

You wear huge sunglasses that may before somewhere, given away for free but you bought them at a vintage store for an exorbitant amount. You’re still playing the old Nintendo and generally love everything vintage and “atmospheric”.

What your watch say about youToyfloat, cost $ 170,00



The name of these hours, we deliberately wrote in Russian, as it has already become a household name. If you wear a Rolex, you have two options: either you have a lot of money, or you bought them in the alley at the Indus for a few bucks during your holiday in Thailand.

What your watch say about youRolex Datejust 41, the cost $ 12,000


The Minimalism Of Scandinavia

You’re a grown hipster tasteful. Prefer coffee dear, your workstation where you want. You are free in thoughts and actions, but aware of what is happening and are responsible. Your watch is more expensive than the shoes.

What your watch say about youSkagen SKW6108, the cost $175.00


Audemars Piguet

You’re a successful businessman, Jay-Z or another rapper whose songs in the charts are kept longer than two years.

What your watch say about youAudemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Carbone 293 500,00 $