What you will regret at the end of life

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If you are able to learn from the mistakes of others, these 5 secrets will help change your life for the better! Hurry!

Mistake number one

The most common mistake of people is to have courage to live by his principles.

Most people build their entire lives on principles imposed by society. Choose a job that is approved, parents and friends. They always think how it will relate to family, friends, acquaintances and even simple passers-by.

They meet the expectations of all, but not his. And in the end, people coming to the end of life, and he realizes that he was not happy all the time.

There is a saying, “Right you live – but in vain!”

The second error

Each Respondent stated that he would not want to work so much time. Now people are working more than ever. People load themselves with work for 12-16 hours a day. Parents rarely see their children. The pair seldom see their partners. People simply do not have time for this. Of course, the job provides you with money, but at the end of life people others want to priorities. Even if you earn less, but spend more time with family.

What you will regret at the end of life
The third mistake

The third mistake is that people are afraid to Express their feelings. Often people try to forget a person, only because he was afraid to admit her feelings for him. These people are beautiful and educated, interesting and well-read, but are closed for meetings. They find a hundred reasons to stay in comfort and not have any relations.

What you will regret at the end of life
The fourth mistake

Another thing which I’m sorry most people on the verge of death, is that due to career, relationships, financial indicators have lost contact with their friends. We think that friendship is eternal. But it’s not. If you do not maintain a friendship, quite soon disappear common themes and understanding.

The fifth error

Concluding thing about which often to tell the people before he died, that’s what they’d like to afford to be more happy. People often complain of problems at work, in relationships, in school, instead of enjoying what they have. Too many feel unhappy, not because they are unhappy, but because they chose to be unhappy.

What you will regret at the end of life
Take care of yourself, and don’t make these mistakes! Live life to the fullest, work hard to ensure that your fate depended on you!