What training is best suited to your astrological sign?

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The three most important in this year of the scope — style, self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

Style everyone has their own and following the advice of experts, you will be able to create your own chic style.

Confidence is extremely attractive, but this quality requires constant inner work on yourself.

Desire to lead a healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for those who want to look and feel great.

Motivation and willingness to develop these three areas will make you irresistible! But let’s not forget that a healthy lifestyle definitely includes regular exercise, which not only ensure the attractiveness of your body, but give you good health.

Here’s some tips on how to choose the best workout for your Zodiac sign.

What training is best suited to your astrological sign?



Fitness style: You love hard workouts, and making use of any cardio that will help you to get rid of excess tension and wrinkles on the face. You are naturally inclined to competition and love to fulfill that task. Don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results. Be dedicated and persistent.

Exercise program: You are an active person, and an overabundance of routine can drive you into boredom. Diversify your workout! Try different exercises: endurance training or strength exercise bikes, tennis, marathon… When you have a clear goal, you do not lose interest and get their way.

The secret of confidence: Fake it till you begin to get!



Fitness style: the Typical Taurus prefers a comfortable and relaxed training regime. If you try to fit too much exercise into your schedule, you just overexert yourself and put out a spark of Venus. In the end, you don’t want to spoil your perfect styling! Focus on yourself, not on others, set your own benchmark — and you will succeed.

Exercise program: You are encouraged to visit more often outdoors, for example, to call a friend and stroll through a beautiful Park walk. Easy Jogging, belly dancing, kite surfing, tennis or other exercise that allows you to chat with people, is perfect for you — as well as gardening in her spare time. Listen to music during workouts, practicing yesterday’s delicious dinner, and pick a scenic spot to stimulate your senses.

The secret of confidence: Strive to be better than your boyfriend’s ex with a gorgeous body!



Fitness style: Gemini — restless, which is easily bored, so training is an ideal way to lose grip. After reviewing all aspects of diet and training, you will be able to get the maximum result: the more you know about the benefits of exercise, so it would be more useful for you.

Training program: Gemini is a dual sign, so the best motivation to train better with a friend or in company. Frisbee in the Park, walk the dog, badminton, volleyball — in short, everything that keeps you moving and stimulates the mind.

The secret of confidence: do Not focus on one thing, always leave yourself lots of choices.



Fitness style: the Crabs love the flurry of activity, it’s preferable to have a clearly planned schedule. It is a water sign, so Cancer should choose a workout where you can interact with other people and to be part of a team, although sometimes he needs to stay in silence alone.

Exercise program: Sailing, water aerobics or Golf, will help you to relax and calm the nerves. To calm the soul, enable in the program of yoga and Pilates.

The secret of confidence: When the Moon catches up to you reverie, you can balance the energy with exercise for mind, body and soul, and meditation.



The fitness style: Your style and impression are paramount, and the best motivation to the training — it compliments your appearance. You work hard to look bright and stunning, and love to discuss the latest concepts of health with colleagues and friends who are also proud of myself. You are a social creature and I know that to be the best means to look after themselves (in every sense).

Training program: Sign up in the best room in the city and visit different groups — in the end, you have to be seen in all the trendy places, and the Dating there you can get! Add different exercises: Golf, sailing, weight training, kickboxing… all of this will keep you in great shape!

The secret to confidence: Take matters into your own hands! You are a natural leader; create your own program.



Fitness style: As a man meticulous and pedantic details you write down every workout that helps you stay strong and move on. Counting calories also helps; register at any of the sites to account for daily activities. A great option for you — the step counter. Make sure you add workout into your schedule, otherwise you’ll never get.

Exercise program: the Slow and balanced movements: Pilates, yoga, and meditation are perfectly calm the mind and give time to reflect on life. You are interested in any academic exercise.

The secret of confidence: Understand what and why you help. Set yourself a goal. Make a training schedule and don’t deviate from it.



Fitness style: Libra Sociable needed a friend or girlfriend. Do you often invite friends or guys at the gym or at any event with exercise (even a walk through the art gallery). You love to eat, so don’t try to deprive yourself of this pleasure. Create a program that will allow you to stay in shape and at the same time delicious to eat, otherwise you have nothing.

Exercise program: Tennis, badminton, Golf suits you any physical activities involving other people. Good motivation — fitness clubs where you can relax and chat in the chill out.

The secret to confidence: take time for yourself! You need a balance between work and health. Smooth fitness plan, do not put excessive loads.



Fitness style: the Scorpio is very ambitious and active, so any form of strenuous activity that allows you to work out accumulated tension, suits them perfectly. Agility will not let you relax, and you always succeed, especially if it is to look stunning!

Exercise program: treadmill, Boxing, spinning. A little? Sign up for triathlon competitions! If it hurts — so that helps!

The secret of confidence: Focus — look at what I have achieved, not on what has not achieved.



Fitness style: You love to travel and can train in the trips around the world. Would you like to experience a life adventure and not ready to remain a mere spectator. Take a trip to a spiritual place and make climbing a mountain or pyramid! Walk around a local Museum or tour the city by Bicycle.

Exercise program: For you, a great exercise is walking and Hiking. Perfect walking; to feel the benefit, use a pedometer. Jog with the dog. To calm down and to find the inner core, you recommended horse riding or yoga.

The secret is confidence: Believe in yourself! If you believe that you can achieve anything, you’ll succeed!



Fitness style: Your star shines brighter when you can prove yourself as a person. Unexplored paths you prefer a proven road to success. If studies show that it helps others, you are ready to try. But you have a strong mind and the ability to listen to your body, so in the end you will do what works for you.

Exercise program: You are a very busy man. Your training program should fit into your schedule, otherwise you will not be wasting time on it. Make an appointment with the coach. Or join a gym and enter more classes than can visit: so you get at least some of them.

The secret of confidence: the Results are impressive. Do what you need: get up early, work late. Most importantly, the rest will come.



Fitness style: You feel confident in the company and are open to new ideas about training. You most attracted to fashion and the latest trends and equipment, especially when they are scientifically justified! Even if others are not in a hurry to try them out, you are always in the forefront.

Training program: Sign up for a 5-kilometer race, resistance training, spinning or martial arts. You will be able to pump up and great feel.

The secret of confidence: Freedom of movement plays a key role in your pleasure from training. And the more you know about the impact of exercise on your body, the more it inspires you.



Fitness style: You are very sensitive and therefore can sometimes get the hump, but it will not force you to abandon your fitness program. Pisces by nature flexible, sensitive and have well-developed intuition; therefore, you do not like strenuous workouts: they can weaken you and not give strength. Avoid any exercises that cause pain. Let us be more soft exercises like tai Chi, yoga, Pilates, involving mind, soul and body.

Training program: Perfect teaching Zumba, hip-hop or salsa. Also fish love aquatic activities: surfing, swimming, water Polo, water aerobics.

The secret of confidence: we Dance to their tune. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to what tells you your body. You know that you are right.