What is the carbohydrate window

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You have probably already heard about carbohydrate window — like after an intense workout, your body quickly burns calories that you can afford cakes, fast food and much more.  Likestory.net understands how this can be true and also tells why and what you need to eat after class.

What is the carbohydrate window

In fact, the concept of “carbohydrate window” is not entirely correct. Though, because a certain “window” that opens immediately after exercise and lasts from 30 to 45 minutes — not a carbohydrate, and protein-carbohydrate. And here’s why.

As a rule, any exercise for the body — stress, because of the load the muscle fibers are destroyed, so that after the lesson they need time to recover. If after a run or for a gym you eat quick carbohydrates, you will immediately replenish the glycogen stores in the liver and raise insulin levels. From this you will certainly feel a little more cheerful, here are just enough forces for a while.

Because after a workout your body needs to rebuild muscle fibers, stopping the catabolic (destructive) processes, you just need to eat something containing protein. If you need the carbs? Yes. After all, you just need to stimulate protein synthesis, raising insulin levels and glycogen in the body. And this can only be achieved with the help of carbohydrates.
What is the carbohydrate window
However, there is no unequivocal scientific findings regarding the importance of eating protein immediately after a workout. That is, it is clear that a person, especially an athlete, protein is absolutely necessary. But the question is: is it worth it to use it immediately after a workout? Let’s look at some examples.

Studies with control groups showed that the group of people taking a protein Supplement in the morning and evening, after 10 weeks of the experiment had the same results in strength, muscle volume and percent body fat, and another group receiving protein before and immediately after workouts. This information complements other research post-workout anabolism (rebuilding).

Here’s an example: at a high level of anabolism is held within 48 hours after a workout. However, its level varies: in the first three hours it increased by 112% in the next 24 hours its level is already 65%, and after 48 hours at 34%. It should be noted that these studies and experiments affect the power with the weights and speed-strength training.

What is the carbohydrate windowSo the concept of “the anabolic window” is really rather vague. But we will tell you exactly what you need to remember

1.The so-called “carbohydrate window” does exist, but it does not lasts 30-40 minutes and about 48 hours after exercise. So there is before and after a workout is necessary, but no frills. From the classic meal plan (Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner) is not to retreat. Just make sure that between the solid eating and training several hours in.

2.If the workout you feel muscle weakness or pre-workout realize that strength is not enough, isotonic, banana or any other product will help you to find the strength to study. You can try to prepare these useful candies, they will provide energy for a few minutes.

3.Follow the protein intake. For men the daily intake is about 1.5 g for every kilogram of body weight for women — about 1.2 g per kilogram. For those who are gaining muscle mass, these standards may be slightly higher. Remember that excess protein is harmful.

4.Always follow the quality of food that we eat. The quality of the food for the “carbohydrate window” — no need to clog up the body substandard products at a time while he tries to recover.

5.Do not get carried away quick carbohydrates, especially during periods of reduced activity.

6.Sports nutrition on a professional level, no doubt, very important, but around it impossible to build the training process and to actively consume all advertised supplements.

What is the carbohydrate window