The most weird and unusual toothpastes

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With the taste of bacon and whiskey, biscuit and chocolate, hot peppers and curry tell you what toothpaste is worth a try if mint and pine you are already tired.

Julia Cloud, director of online magazine about dentistry:

— Dentists and gastroenterologists are still arguing when you need to brush your teeth before or after Breakfast. First I advise you to brush your teeth after that no germ had time to influence the firm, but at the same time, vulnerable enamel. The second advocated that brushing the teeth before meals. So bacteria do not pass into the stomach and cause gastritis and ulcers. Teeth can be cleaned before and after, but let’s be honest: sometimes I have to force myself to brush my teeth even once. According to various surveys, from 8 to 24% of adults brush their teeth only once a day — at night.

Among the reasons why people do not want to brush your teeth after Breakfast, they indicated the desire to feel in the mouth is not the peppermint flavor, and pleasant aftertaste of a favorite dish. Of the company as if he had heard their customers and are now producing the pasta is not only mint, but also with other non-standard flavors. To choose even the most demanding patient. And it’s not only about roses, fruits and berries (though of them too). Bacon, scrambled eggs, curry and hot peppers — manufacturers of toothpastes is ready to offer options for every taste and budget.

Tasteful desserts

The most weird and unusual toothpastes

Adults have become accustomed to daily toothbrushing. To teach children to regular oral hygiene is difficult. In this difficult matter to the parents will help the pasta with the taste of the usual sweets. Now on the shelves you can see the pasta with the taste of ice cream, candy, Coca Cola and even cookies.
The most weird and unusual toothpastes
We should also mention chocolate. In cocoa beans, scientists have discovered theobromine — a substance that can strengthen tooth enamel and rid the mouth of harmful bacteria and even stop the development of caries in the stage spots. These magical properties must be sought, for example, in the toothpaste Theodent. Children have the option of chocolate flavor for adults with mint and vanilla.

With the taste of spices, meat and alcohol

The most weird and unusual toothpastesToday, manufacturers have already made pasta with bacon, curry and hot peppers. Not surprised? Then pasta with eggplant and even octopus can become a real discovery for you. Now specialties can not only eat, but also to brush their teeth.

The most weird and unusual toothpastes

More gourmets and connoisseurs of fine beverages like pasta with a taste of whiskey, Bourbon, brandy or champagne. A perfect solution for those who like the taste of alcoholic beverages but not always the opportunity to try their original version.

With natural ingredients

The most weird and unusual toothpastesFluoride, SLS, parabens, abrasives, able to rip off the enamel from the frying pan, which is not suited to care for the delicate enamel of the teeth. Those who do not want to expose the teeth extra the negative effects, like natural toothpaste made from natural ingredients. And for the best whitening, getting rid of germs and even eliminate bad breath, the causes of which we talked here in these pastes added activated charcoal. Literally ground into dust, it will not damage the enamel mechanically, but with a touch and even Tartar to cope with a Bang. Along with clove oil and guava charcoal works very well, reducing plaque and odor even hard-core smokers and coffee lovers. From unusual herbal paste is not white and shiny as we used to, and look at the brush is quite strange.

The people of China and Japan know very well about the ability of bamboo to clean the teeth and massage the gums. It also has an impact on pathogens. In ancient times, the bamboo sticks were chewed, had formed the brush and it is already sweeping food debris from teeth. Today bamboo is used in herbal toothpastes as a mild natural component.


The most weird and unusual toothpastes

Whitening toothpaste does not necessarily have to be white. Today the market is red paste, which are perfectly cope with their tasks. As a rule, in such cases, we are talking about natural ingredients and herbs that are added as active elements — they give the pasta red. In 1893 a red paste with a scattering of diamonds. Shiny particles were scraping plaque and also covered the teeth becomes whiter — whether from clean or shining spray.

Dental tablets

The most weird and unusual toothpastesThe weirdest toothpaste, or rather, the remedy is dental tablets. First, they need to chew and then brush your teeth wet your toothbrush. The process for everybody, but for a variety of such routine procedures as teeth cleaning, the time. The range includes aromas of mint, menthol, rose, vanilla, bitter orange. However, some manufacturers are still a name such as Dirty Gorilla perfume. If you do not know that the taste of this toothpaste, mint, lots to fantasize. By the way, many patients do like.