Want to know why this couple put their dog in a stroller?

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Men posted this photo on your page and it immediately “blew up” the Internet!

The passerby saw the man walking in the Park with my old dog brought in a baby stroller. Passerby posted this photo on your page in Facebook and it became viral immediately flown apart all over the Internet-and for good reason. The thing is that this dog for 16 years. His name is Max, he’s blind and can’t walk because of his age.

But his family loves him so much that for him, doing everything that his old age was happy. Twice a day taken max to the Park in a baby stroller that he took a few steps and breathed fresh air. At home he has a special room where everything is covered with foam that would blind Max got hurt. There is his full bowls of food and water.

The story of max must become for us all a reminder that <strong>the animal in the house is a big responsibility. It’s not a toy with which a throwaway. Or if it is worn out, thrown in the basement and bought a new one. Animals give us their love, so are we worse than them?

Do they not deserve a happy old age?! Let max’s story, all of us will be a good example of how to act with their old friends!

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