Want to change life – change your hairstyle

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There is a saying: cut your hair — change your life.

Hair is something that should be protected. They are quite slow growing. Besides, carry not only an aesthetic function, and this is not just for beauty.

They are the natural antenna of the human body. They spend an invisible life-giving force of space to the body. There is a legend. A long time ago around the human head was a halo. This is what is seen on the icons around the heads of saints. And hair was not. His head was covered with something similar to the fuzz. Something that on the head of a newborn baby. When man fell into sin, the rays of cosmic energy around his head was heavy and turned into hair. And it is the link between man and heaven.

Want to change life - change your hairstyle

Hair — the source of our space Forces

Magic says that if something happens with the hair – it changes the direction of the invisible river that washes us with his bio-energy waves. Therefore, any effect on the hair can change in either direction is not only our appearance but also our whole lives.

Not to go bald ahead of time and not lose his heavenly half in the form of a Guardian angel, keep cutting security measures. You should clearly know when, why you change your hair.

The first rule:

You can’t trust your hair to just anyone. The person who cuts you, it changes your aura. Coming to the hairdresser, not just select a fashionable hairstyle, but also energetic and cheerful master, then your life after the haircut will change for the better.

The older Barber, the stronger its impact on your life. If you are an independent man, used to solve their problems themselves, and not like when you do something to prevent them to exercise, choose the wizard or the same age or younger than you.

When you are chronically unlucky for some strange reason, it makes sense to choose a very old and famous master, even the hair, they done will cost you dearly. But after visiting the Barber your life will change dramatically. But if you correctly calculate the time of the visit, it is not just change, but improve dramatically.

Want to change life - change your hairstyle

The second rule:

Themselves better hair cut. This “superstition”, although it is very difficult to cure himself. No matter how strong willed the person is, it is very difficult to correct the deformation of your own biofield, as he reworks them in such a strain energy.

The third rule:

It is believed that it is better if you shear or, for example, doing in salon hair masks people of the same sex. During the haircut you change the etheric, astral and mental energy, and as a result, we are easily influenced.

So if you liked master of different sex, it may lead to trouble in his personal life. In the biblical stories of Samson killed a woman, cut his hair.

 Fourth rule:

If you want to after cutting the hair grow faster, hair to do at full moon.

If you want the hair slightly change its properties – for example, you are not satisfied that they are confused, naughty – you should go to your hairdresser on the waning moon. But after this haircut, the hair will grow very long. On the waning moon it is also good to trim if you want to arrest hair fall, strengthen the hair roots.

The Council of the ancient Slavic Magi. If you have a cold – a slightly trim the hair that trimmed the tips went negative energy of disease and the body can more easily be cleaned.

Want to change life - change your hairstyle

 Rule five:

Hair cannot be cut in certain lunar days (9, 15, 23 and 29 days according to the lunar calendar), as well as in the days of solar and lunar eclipses. After these procedures, you can get sick or as they say in the old days, “memory and the mind cut off”.

 Sixth rule:

Before enrolling in a Barber shop, determine how you want to change your life:


1. Monday
Day, favorable. At this time you can remove a large number of negative emotions and unresolved problems that have accumulated in life. The day is favorable for hair coloring.

2. Tuesday
better go to the hairdresser, if you do not have enough physical strength or will to solve some important problem, if you lack activity or tortured the monotony of life.

3. Wednesday
a good haircut, to learn something new or interesting, meet new friends or to attract old to increase the number of trips, motion and communication in life.

Want to change life - change your hairstyle

4. Thursday
promotes changes in relationships with others, contributes to the popularity of the person, increase his good luck and prosperity.

5. Friday is a day of female beauty.
When you visit the hair salon in this day of the week, you change not just your hairstyle, you change your appearance. So, if you are satisfied with how you look in this day of the week it is better not to get a haircut.

6. Saturday is a good day for haircuts.
The hair in this day improve their health. With the removed part of the karmic debt and the sins of your kind.

7. Sunday
Better a hair cut – you can kill your own destiny or luck. This day is only good for chronic losers – maybe fate will have mercy and after this procedure will change for the better.