How to understand that you are doing everything correctly

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Sometimes the relation of man to himself like an experienced grower takes their precious six acres — it only care about the weeds and imperfections, and the flowers he is not paying attention. However, the weeds will always be, but the colors tend to fade, and their life span is short. And we are more worried about what we have, and with lightning speed forget what heights reached, because so many unconquered peaks. So enjoy life gives way to eternal dissatisfaction and the feeling that you’re missing something.

Here are 11 signs that prove you’re doing it right.

1. You know, what you exactly want

We talked many times about how important it is to understand their desires and not to go on about the stereotypes that have and want to have a man or woman of a certain age. Yes, someone from the very beginning feels smooth and stays with her, despite the annoying noise of the public, and someone needs time to figure himself out and find his own motion vector. If stalled, try to narrow your search and begin to act from the particular to the General, that is to find out what exactly and under what circumstances you don’t want. Of course, there is always the “right” answers to all your existential questions, and most likely they are — creating a family, having children and a stable job with two equally stable for weeks vacation. Tempting and basically good, but it is better to have your own schedule, tailored specifically to your life goals and views about what you personally close, and that “neither the heart nor the mind”. Do not forget that the society, though willing at any time to point out your deficiencies and instruct on the right path, it is absolutely not responsible for where the road you will eventually lead.

How to understand that you are doing everything correctly
2. You are responsible for your life

Life, as we know, it is not only noisy parties, fireworks and champagne. There are moments, hours, days, weeks, months, when it seems that the world is on fire and you burn with it. But time passes, and you somehow inexplicably continue to exist, and collapsed the world brick by brick begins to build again. You can’t change the past and erase from my life in black days, but now entirely in your power, so don’t waste it on blame in the troubles of the past and go forward. You are the only person responsible for everything that happens to you, so when you want to find out the relationship, ask first of all with himself. And if landed in a swamp, it is best to figure out how to get out of it, instead of painfully looking for the guilty and slowly sinking to the bottom.

3. You value true friendship

The number of social networking friends or contacts in your phone says about a person is that he, most likely, replaced not one place of work Friday evening and prefer to spend outside the home. In this case, the number of links has nothing to do with the quality of the relationship. Most of the hundreds of “friends” there on the strength of fifteen people, which at least mean something to you, and only two or three that are really expensive. If you have come to the realization that someone cool to go to a party, not always the one who after graduation will be something to talk about, you will easily be able to distinguish gold from gold, and therefore will never agree to exchange the sincerity and warmth of each empty small talk and conversations just for the sake of something to liven up the silence.

How to understand that you are doing everything correctly
4. You do not worry about the small stuff

Modern man is rarely alone, he has at least one, however, is not the most pleasant, but a true companion is stressful, and the more responsible and interesting job you have, the more feel his presence. Calls to avoid stressful situations is tantamount to fighting windmills is a waste of time and nerve cells. You are unable to fully control all processes in your life, but take control of your own emotions you, so accept the fact that to be upset or rejoice — a matter of choice. Of course, your choice. And don’t forget you have one more tool to combat stress that serves as a kind of shock absorber between you and reality, and this tool is experience. When you once again don’t know where to go from new challenges and experiences, we will remember, perhaps it’s already happened, and everything seems to be not so bad then ended.

5. You understand the true value of things

Modern realities dictate their own terms: we live in a material world where at the forefront are not the people with their feelings and thoughts, and things that have long been replaced a lot. And there is nothing easier than to engage in pointless pursuit of happiness that should fall on his head after buying a new smartphone, computer, car, apartment. But somehow all did not fall down. Maybe you need something else to buy? And yet, happiness is in the phone or in the phone call? Our grandmothers and grandfathers once again be right: things depreciate at the speed of light, feelings — ever. Agree — the postcard is made by hands of loved one especially for you, not inferior in importance even to the most expensive gift from the store.

How to understand that you are doing everything correctly
6. You skillfully balance work and family

We spend at work most of our time we think about work most of our time, a smaller part of our time is spent primarily on the experiences that we absolutely no time to do anything around the house, forgets to call friends and don’t remember when the last time was in the movie, or at least were walking in the Park near the house. In order not to turn into a workaholic, try to make for yourself adequate on your graph relations so that you have time to relax and meet friends. The most difficult task, of course, is to stick with it and not to leave everything for last. So, most of the feelings and remorse will come to naught, if you can correctly prioritize: once a little longer to sit at work and it all has to make a choice in favor of going to the movies. You are doing everything possible to reach career heights, but don’t forget that efficiency and productivity largely depends on the quality of your vacation.

7. You do not allow pride interfere with your development

Development and true freedom begin where there are questions, which, incidentally, are sometimes more valuable and more significant than themselves for answers. There are no stupid questions, but limited and uneducated people, on the contrary, very much, so never be afraid to ask and don’t let pride or shame prevent you from getting new knowledge. In any case, better be proud that pulled themselves asking, rather than that said nothing and hid his ignorance. And here, strangely enough, a greater role played by your goals and motivation: if you are going to develop and learn, you will ask a question and you do not care who and what think about it.

How to understand that you are doing everything correctly
8. You grateful for what you have

Of course, in life not everything can be perfect: a couple of inches less here on three square meters more, and then it would be good to redo and rebuild. You acknowledge the imperfection of the world and remain one of those who have the “glass half full”. You know that in your life there are people who cares about you and ready to help on the first call. Yes, you do not have expensive repairs, but have their own cozy nest, where you feel good and where there is enough space to invite a close friend to intimate conversations. It’s important not to look into the neighbor’s garden in search of what you have and be grateful for what is.

9. You are a quitter

In every person’s life there are obstacles that, at first glance, it seemed completely overwhelming, but with the second, third and subsequent looks was step by step even in the dead of the concrete wall you can penetrate the crack. Yes, I’ve been busy. Yes, had twenty times to redo, to rethink, to modify, but you could. You are back, but are already the owner of a new knowledge, new skills, new experiences. Admit it, every time, overcoming difficulties or hardships, you will feel much stronger and more confident than you were before, and the realization that you have not passed, got involved and managed, raises the self-esteem to quite dizzying heights. And the main thing is not to become conceited.

How to understand that you are doing everything correctly
10. You are constantly improving in their profession

Perhaps your picture is not hanging on a plaque at the entrance to the office (maybe it’s for the best), but you are passionate about your business and try to learn something new and develop your skills. And in this case it is important not so much the static measure how much the dynamics and movement. Don’t compare yourself with others, you’re a completely different person, different from all the others, with their skills and talents. Progress leads to success in two cases: if you are moving forward and if you move forward in your own direction.

11. You strive to become better

You are imperfect, you make a lot of mistakes, you fail miserably, but always keep going and never give up. You are not going to change the world around you, you have more global plans to change.” You don’t want to be the best, you basically do not participate in the collective race. You just want to be better than you were yesterday, smarter, kinder, more tolerant, more courageous and, ultimately, happier. And if all of the above about you, believe me, you have become better.
How to understand that you are doing everything correctly