Two magic words bigger than “thank you” and “please”

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Yesterday we were walking and happened to be at a private rink. Played players, the machine cleaned the ice, and went out to skate pairs and budding little skaters. My daughter stood spellbound, watching them and didn’t want to leave. Long observed that something weighed, I thought… She really wanted to go. But we had a lot of BUT. She is only 2.5 years, skates in her size at the box office and did not exist, I was in a hurry about their business, the rink was closing in 20 minutes. But Tasha really wanted to go, so asked, as if everything was at stake. And I said,

“Well, let’s try!..”

Took the smallest skates size 25, stuffed in a sock twisted boots, laced up tightly and went on the ice. Little legs did not obey, were braided, leaving, in General, behaved as befits the first time on the ice. After 20 minutes the ice rink was closed. And of course, Tasha was upset, but was even more impressed and inspired by what we tried.

We found those two magic words when Tasha was about a year. When my husband first uttered them, they seemed to have opened up worlds of experimentation for us.

― Dad, let’s blind the robot made of snow!
On the street -15.

― Cold, Tasha, the snow’s not sticky and crumbles…

― Dad, let’s try!

And they are trying. And it turns out.

“Dad, let’s try to mix all of the paint with your hands!”

Or: “Mom, I want to help you cook soup.” The soup is hot, sharp knife… of Course, I find it easier most all to make, but she says: “I want to help you! Let’s try it!” Come on. A little practice here and it really helps me to make soup. Its duty is to cut the potatoes and grate the carrots. Yeah, not very smooth and not very fast, Yes, I’m standing there and a hundred times say to lift the fingers away, but we tried and it works.

Children, including the internal children, just rejoice in the moments of “let’s try it!” And I think, yeah, that’s how the childhood: to try, to pry, to take on all that comes to mind without thinking about the consequences. But for adults, this skill helps to remove extra obligations to look each other in the eye and decide on a new adventure to capture his spirit, leaping to laugh or shrug if it doesn’t work great.

The magic that we’re doing this together, supporting each other, experimenting, ready to that will not work immediately, no risk, just try and all.

“Let’s try it!” ― the story of vulnerability, as we would say, “I don’t know what happens, I don’t know, not sure, can’t vouch for the result,” but it is this sincerity and desire to step together into the unknown forced to run shivers down your spine! It is also a way to find a way out of the most challenging and complicated relationship. “I’m confused. Let’s try to talk” or “I am now very difficult, let’s try another way.”

Why not?! Let’s try!