Where did the tradition to celebrate birthday?

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Likestory.net found where glorious tradition to celebrate a birthday and why someone is the main holiday of the year is not a joy.

It is customary to celebrate his birthday every year. With cake, candles, gifts and Happy Birthday song To You, having thus a whole heap of traditions from around the world. Round cakes, according to legend, were baked by the ancient Greeks on the full moon, to appease the goddess Artemis. Burning the candle reminded them of a heavenly body. In Europe the tradition was picked up by the Germans, who were placed in the center of a makeshift cake large candle and called her a “ray of life”. Well, a song about a birthday, translated, it seems, in all the languages of the world, was born in the late nineteenth century in the U.S. state of Kentucky. It began with the words “Good morning to all”, and initially served as the morning Wake-up call for students.

Where did the tradition to celebrate birthday?


The tradition of celebrating birthday is almost ancient. However, before this honor was given only to Royal personages, but the scale of the triumph was no match for modern — feast for the whole world, the state awards to close and Amnesty disgraced. Over time, the ritual evolved and acquired the most incredible shape — poke to any location on the globe and get into an unusual “birthday” tradition. In Jamaica the birthday child is showered with flour, symbolizing the “dust of time”. In Latin America on the 15th anniversary of the teenager arrange the whole celebration — when the girls are dressed as for a wedding, white dresses, boys wear top hats, and a parting word the priest says. In Ireland, the hero of the occasion hit his head on the floor as many times as years he was. The kids like that — they hang like monkeys on the hands of the Pope, and a joyful squeal, but adults no longer a laughing matter.

BIRTHDAY is a code, which is ENCRYPTED something important and unsolved

In Ghana undergo a rite of purification of the soul through the leaves, soaked overnight in water and then wear white. In China eat pasta — and the longer the noodles, which manage to draw, never learned about it, the more successful the rest of the life. In Germany male-bachelor, who turned 30, is obliged to arm themselves with a broom and clean the place up in the city — around the house, on the square in front of city hall… Friends in this time of “bewitch” pseudo-janitor, throwing paper, stones and leaves, but to remove the evil spell only unmarried passer, which will deign to kiss the birthday boy. In some regions of Canada on the day of birth, one should take care of the nose — all around and strive to smear it with oil or sauce. In England a birthday card for the 100th anniversary, the Queen sends. Carved in Mexico, the piñata — animal figures made of papier-mache with real candy inside. The child is blindfolded, given a heavy club, and he needs to touch to find and break the piñata. But most of all, in my opinion, distinguished himself in Vietnam. There is one at all, and coincides with the New year. Often, the Vietnamese don’t even remember the exact date of birth, and if you ask, he will name the animal on the Lunar calendar. I wonder if they can use this information as a pin?

Where did the tradition to celebrate birthday?


Date of birth is not just a set of numbers. Most people, even in General far away from esoteric unconsciously perceives it as a code. The information encrypted is something very important and unsolved. On date of birth astrological predictions are based, it is primarily interested in psychics. Remember how you rejoice when you meet a person born with you in one day, or learn that some celebrity — your “namesake” by date of birth. This man immediately gets closer to you, you are subconsciously looking for what you have in common and brings us together — try on a situation in which he found himself, considering carefully how he dresses, behaves, as if trying to see the reflection in the mirror. And not finding anything to do, genuinely surprised.


Some physiologists claim that on the eve of the birthday of the child slightly decreases immunity and increases the level of anxiety. But for many adults the day X — real stress. If the birthday you want to lay low somewhere in Bruges (but treacherous positive Facebook, of course, notify everyone about an important date), don’t worry, you are not alone. The phrase “I hate my birthday. And never celebrated. I don’t even remember the exact date,” said someone, and Karl Lagerfeld. He was supported by comedienne Amy Schumer: “I am ashamed to celebrate a birthday, because I don’t want anything to bother people. I’ll tell you more: birthday is humiliating. And the people singing Happy Birthday To You, is the most ridiculous thing in the world. Last year it happened when we were shooting “the Girl”. The whole team decided to have a surprise, I brought a big cake and sang. And I was ready to sink into the ground from shame. I was hellishly uncomfortable, and this feeling is transmitted to all others.”

Where did the tradition to celebrate birthday?

It is not easy to celebrate the HOLIDAY, the formal essence of which is to say, “You got OLDER”

In childhood miracles happen by themselves, without our direct involvement: the fairy godmother carefully, trying not to Wake up, puts a silver spoon under the pillow, and the wizard puts the bed boxes with gifts. Growing up, we subconsciously continue to expect a miracle, but sometimes organizational issues have to take. Now we understand that birthday parties are a kind of test of maturity: are you ready to spend personal time and effort to present a festival to the people you love?

Another point to consider is your attitude to age. If you are an ardent fighter for the youth and see to its preservation the meaning of life, you may find it difficult to celebrate the holiday, the formal essence of which boils down to three words: “You got older”. However, extroverts, as a rule, does not stop. They like to be the center of attention, they willingly and gratefully accept words of praise, rejoice in the gifts and toasts, and even if they are a little concerned about the figures in the passport, they strong-willed decision to fix the number of candles on the cake at a certain level and do not call to the feast your beautician.
In psychology there is the concept of “crysalis” is a special sense of security and peace that you experience when programnow on the street, go into a warm cozy house. Birthday in a circle of close people is causing such emotions. And this is probably the main reason to mark it again and again.


American psychologist Albert Harrison found out: the parents of a child born in a special day (New year, Christmas or Valentine’s Day), I see this as a sign, and the baby subconsciously adjusted to a certain “exclusivity” and trying those expectations meet.

Where did the tradition to celebrate birthday?


A nice tradition to send cards on birthday appeared in the UK about 100 years ago. At first, the card with the wishes served only an excuse for the fact that the sender was unable to attend the festival in person.


In the Northern hemisphere, the birthday is often celebrated on 5 October and least likely — 22 may (excluding 29 February). And here is the most popular birth month in the world — August: about 9 % of the total population of the Earth came to light in late summer.