TOP 7 tips that will teach have time for everything

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1. Record all your business plans, even if you are sure that you will not forget about them

Try to make a list of your usual daily concerns, books that you want to read, movies, mandatory viewing, or tasks at work.

Making a list of foods to buy, and even the wish list — this is elementary, but useful habit will allow you not to forget anything and plan everything properly.

2. Use “dead time” wisely

“Dead time” is the spaces between things: public transport, Queuing, waiting for friends or colleagues. Not “kill” time useless toys in the phone, it is better to read the book you’ve been wanting to start to read, take along a textbook of a foreign language, teach the lesson or make drawings in..

TOP 7 tips that will teach have time for everything

3. Don’t waste time on advertising — download or watch your favorite movies online

Today, advertising on TV is so much airtime that any TV program or TV series lasts one and a half times longer. Save your precious time, download favorite TV show, movie or TV series — so you don’t spend too much time advertising and highlight free time for other useful things.

4. Record and analyze everything you do during the day

Try an experiment: write down 2 or 3 days in a row everything you do, and how much you spend time for this. After carefully review — then you will understand what to spend your precious minutes. You will be surprised how much time is spent on unnecessary checking email and scrolling feeds of social networks.

5. Commit as many of their duties and the business

Having studied the list of household chores, you will understand that some of them can be delegated to your loved ones. For example, a young person will help take out the trash, and children can do simple household chores appropriate for their age.

6. Do not be lazy to make a five-minute rest

Some things require very little time: from 5 to 15 minutes. Make a list of such cases and do one every day. This can be sort messages in the mailbox, cleaning the dust from the cabinets, watering all houseplants. You will not notice how these little things will help ease you through one large multi-stage case.

TOP 7 tips that will teach have time for everything

7. Rest regularly, and not when it go over with your legs

Ideally, dedicate to rest 10 minutes each hour and one day of the week. So if rest is not possible, then try to alternate the activities every 20 minutes. So you will be less tired and do more. Remember, your strength depends on the productivity of your work, so do not skimp on service.