Top 6 life hacks for your diet

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Our tips will accelerate your weight loss 3 times!

1. To sprinkle cinnamon cereal, yoghurt, coffee and any other food which combines this spice. Cinnamon speeds up metabolism and lowers blood sugar.

2. Eat less salt, but don’t rule it completely. This will help to get rid of edema in the body.

3. Any large pieces of food it is better to cut. This will help you to consume approximately 20% fewer calories because cut form the portions seem larger than if served in one piece.

Top 6 life hacks for your diet

4. Green tea caffeine combined with a special antioxidant, which speeds up the processing of fat into energy. Thus, regular consumption of this drink can accelerate your metabolism by nearly 20%.

5. Do not skip Breakfast. The rejection of the morning meal increases the calorie intake for the day 4 times.

6. The perfect break between meals 2.5-3 hours. If you wait until the next snack or dinner longer, the blood sugar begins to rise, the metabolism gets confused and you risk to attack the food and to overeat.

Top 6 life hacks for your diet