Top 5 myths about beauty

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Analyze the book “Beauty myths: the truth about Botox, stem cells, organic cosmetics and much more“.

This book is intended for girls and women of any age, before which, sooner or later, such issues arise: how effective are cellulite creams; is it possible to escape from pigmentation using creams with SPF; it is all-powerful thermal water, as it is said; whether or not the skin gets used to expensive cosmetics, etc. (And these questions, unfortunately, sooner or later face any woman.)
Top 5 myths about beauty
The authors of this book: Jan Zubtsova, known beauty journalist, former Director for “Beauty” in magazines Harper’s Bazaar and Allure  and Tiina Orasmae-Meder — cosmetologist. Behind Tiina twenty years of experience: she was the expert of the Commission of the European Parliament on evaluation of the safety of cosmetics, opened her own centre in France, the school of cosmetology and massage and has created her own line of professional cosmetics.

On 296 pages located 50 most popular beauty myths that are so willing to believe women not only Russia, but all over the world. The book is divided into five sections: the first section is called “In store”, it debunks myths about cosmetic products, their composition and use; the second section — “salon cosmetologist destroys long strong beliefs about Facials, Botox and a variety of injection; in the third section — “On the beach” — it is about proper skin protection from the harmful effects of the sun; the fourth section — “On the street, traveling, at the fitness club” — tells what to do and what not to do before you go out or go on Board; and the last section — “And they say…” — gathered ten egregious myths about skin care, which every year seem to become only more popular. At the end of the book there are vocabulary: in simple language, explains difficult terms, such as “botulinum toxin”, “fillers”, “chloasma”, etc.

We have chosen five beauty myths (one from each section) who are eager to refute.

Myth # 1. About the superiority of organic cosmetics over “chemical”.

To cosmetics could rightly be called organic, producers must adhere to many requirements:

-at least 90% of the ingredients must be of natural vegetable origin;
-ingredients for organic cosmetics should only grow in fields where there are no chemical fertilizers, antiparasitic and anti-infective substances;
-and these fields must be certified by local ministries of agriculture (immediately it should be noted, not in every country the agricultural Department will deal with such issues);
-all substances from plants for organic cosmetics are extracted only by extraction, that is extraction.

Not all brands that proudly call themselves natural, can boast of the performance of these items. So many questions arise about the true composition of their cosmetics.

Top 5 myths about beautyMyth # 2. About the need for a mechanical cleaning of the face.

Not all girls need a mechanical cleaning of the face: this procedure is quite traumatic and painful, so the skin is experiencing considerable stress. In addition, after mechanical cleaning of the mouth of the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively, which causes a new inflammation — a vicious circle. But to ignore this procedure is still not worth it: if the skin problem is ulcers, they should be open, and without cleaning there is not enough. In this case, the cosmetologist should pay special attention to the preparatory stage before the facial.

Myth # 3. That in the first days of leave must use cream with SPF 50 and a SPF 6.

Let’s start with the fact that not everyone knows the meaning of numbers — SPF 10, 15, 30 — pack on the sunscreen. Someone thinks that the number should be multiplied by four, and then it turns out the number of minutes that you can safely spend in the sun, someone that SPF 30 is better just because more SPF 10 and 15. I hasten to dispel the first myth: any cream with any SPF only work two hours. And to find out the amount of sunlight inhibits the cream, it is necessary: to divide 100% on the index, SPF 10, 15, 30, 50, etc. for Example, divide 100 by 50 and get number two. That’s how much percent of UV rays reach the skin, and the remaining 98% cream block. But keep in mind that even these two seemingly minor percent can cause redness of the skin. Therefore, throughout the rest it is necessary to use sunscreen with a high SPF index of 30.

Top 5 myths about beautyMyth # 4. About the saving power of thermal water.

Many people exaggerate the possibility of thermal water, thinking that this water moisturizes, refreshes and makes miracles. If its spray on your face and leave to dry, the skin will become hydrated, and dehydrated. From school we know the water tends to evaporate, and this thermal water is no different from the usual. Here’s how to properly use thermal water: apply it on clean skin, just massage your face and then apply moisturizer. Only then the water will have a moisturizing effect.

Myth # 5. That makeup ages the skin.

With this statement you can agree 50-100 years ago, when cosmetic products not contain the highest quality components, which irritated and dried the skin, and, in fact, so wrinkles faster “decorated” face. But now, in the twenty-first century, a totally different story: almost all cosmetics contains moisturizing and protective components, vitamins, antioxidants that prevent premature aging of the skin.

Top 5 myths about beauty

I want to add that the book is read in one breath, you can master just a couple of hours and really opens up a lot of truths and facts about self-care, which we could not guess.