5 mandatory stages of development of the psyche of men

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The lives of every man’s heroic journey he is embarking on a little boy and can finish a Mature man that is aware of its integrity and value. In this way every man should go through 5 main stages of development of the psyche.

Stage 1. Getting rid of the parent complex

Think no son, who, becoming a man, not to be broken for some time with her mother. Left with her son will never get rid of the parent complex. Son you must listen to your own voice and allow it to be the loudest voice of the mother. Often the mother does everything to keep him. For example, inspires the idea of devotion to me, but if this idea take possession of the son, all over the fact that the male beginning to seriously hurt.

Future man should avoid it and to leave the mother, even if at some point such a thing will seem a betrayal. The mother needs to take the pain. Later, however, son, can return to set with mother relationship is an entirely different level. But this will only happen after the son of their own will gain independence and learn to establish emotional relationships with peers.

Often the parent complex is strongly supported by the mother who doesn’t understand what it means to be a woman, a person, for I never felt such – only a mother. Her withdrawal means the role of psychological death, so she clings to the son as the only meaning of life. In such a situation for his son deliverance from the mother complex becomes of Prime importance, without which it is impossible his full development as men.

5 mandatory stages of development of the psyche of men

Stage 2. The mastery of his aggression

This time the transformation of a teenager into a man. Aggression, power instinct, huge male energy, awakening in the soul of the boy must strengthen his ego. In the future, this energy will need all the way of becoming, so it is important to learn how to use it. If a man is not particularly reflective, he will spill this energy all my life, showing the teen the desire to compete in everything that he does.

Another option is an incorrect treatment of aggression – its suppression. This often occurs under the influence of maternal attitudes about inadmissibility of manifestations of male aggression.

The boy became a man, he should be able to master their own aggression. It can not be a man, not realizing what it means to be aggressive, but it has to be aggression is controlled in accordance with his conscious installation. If he is under the control of rage and violence, it can ruin it. So every boy on your way to Mature man has to control his aggression, tendency to violence and to be able to integrate this formidable masculine part of a holistic, self-aware person.

Bold look on his aggressive part, not clouded other people’s units, to recognize its negative, potentially destructive part. Ego boys is going to have to become strong enough to cope with their own anger and consciously use the contained energy to overcome obstacles on the path to achieving the goals.

The first fight that must withstand the boy’s inner battle with his own shadow, which contains the suppressed aggression and potential force. At the same time, very few boys could win only in the inner fight. To strengthen masculinity often need presence and overcoming external obstacles, mobilizing the will and claiming identity.

5 mandatory stages of development of the psyche of men

Stage 3. Finding your own image of masculinity

Masculinity, which in the beginning shows a boy moves from his father. Wanting to be like man, son is trying to act like a father, but it turns out a poor imitation. At this stage, the formation of their own conscious relationship to masculinity, which differs from his. Only in this case the boy can usurp masculinity, which will always accompany him and serve support life. For the successful completion of this phase may require a different father, for example, the spiritual or the godfather.

The essence of this stage in obtaining the blessings of his life from the father, the liberation from the influence of his father or brother. As they grow, the young man should leave the family, enlisting in the struggle for their freedom with every member of their own family or with someone else, if that someone replaces in this encounter father or brother.

If the man sudden conflict, it often indicates that there are still emotionally strained relationship with his father or brother, despite the fact that adolescence is far behind.
5 mandatory stages of development of the psyche of men

Stage 4. Establish contact with the inner woman

Few men are sufficiently aware of the inner feminine component of his soul, still less in touch with it. Jung called this the sensual part of man’s soul “anima.” The desire of a man for internal development helps him to recognize his anime, but other than that, a man should learn not to succumb to the mood and emotional state and not to indulge his own whims.

The main step in this phase is to learn how to get in contact with anime, to see her inner woman-companion, woman-friend who will walk with a man hand in hand and warm life. Men have only two possibilities: either he rejects her femininity, and a rejection turns against him in the form of a bad mood or out of his temptations, or accepts it and establishes a relationship with a woman’s life early and it fills his life with warmth and strength. If a man is at peace with his inner woman, he has no problem in communicating with women.

5 mandatory stages of development of the psyche of men

Stage 5. The sense of the meaning of life

The stage at which the man already has the necessary resources and power to answer the main question of his life. This is the moment of realization that man is unique and alone in their quest. Energetic male ceases active work in the outside world and at the time of leaving in itself. This is the time of maturity of the male psyche.

A man willing to accept my loneliness to which dooms his journey in search of answers about the meaning of life. He can leave the obsessive belief that the meaning lies only in his personal happiness.

5 mandatory stages of development of the psyche of men