TOP 5 secrets that guy fell in love with you

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1. Attractiveness

This is the first and one of the most important steps. In 99% of cases interest you predefined your appearance. If you’re not attractive, you have very little chance to draw attention to themselves. This does not mean that you need to look like Scarlett Johansson, because beauty itself is not the only component. This is only a Supplement to your confidence and respect.

Care of themselves, however, it is very important, no matter how long you’re in a relationship. Underlying physical activity and exercise not only will keep your figure and your mood. And that doesn’t mean you have to torture yourself diets and crazy fitness programs. Just find something you really like and do it, whether it’s running for 15 minutes a day, yoga or exercises with dumbbells at home. The main idea is that if you like it, you’re easier to get used to it and will do it with pleasure.

TOP 5 secrets that guy fell in love with you

– Red lips. Scientists say that girls who use red lipstick, recognized as more attractive. Why? This is a clear sign of ability to produce healthy offspring.

– Up eyes. Mascara, eyeliner, all of this creates contrast and more clearly delivers your sensuality.

– Healthy curls. Hair that, contrary to various claims, pay attention in the first place. Hair emit pheromones. So healthy, lush and shiny hair is an indicator of your good health and aide in attracting men.

– Rosy cheeks. Another sign of femininity and ability to birth offspring.

And don’t forget about your wardrobe. It is always important to dress to present herself in the best possible way. Never pull on something, than don’t feel comfortable. Men are not blind, they notice it and don’t find attractive.

All these techniques can be used by every woman, so pay attention.

2. Don’t be too serious with a man

When the tension between you grows, you begin to communicate more, to write, to call, but still don’t know exactly where this is going. Don’t dwell, keep it simple. Don’t lose your head, don’t make plans and not trying to the nerves. Moreover, don’t give up on communicating with other men and from opportunities just because your life is now, someone who greatly interests you. It is important to have options and to give a man freedom, so he wanted you back. And last – stop checking your phone every second, he often write to you will not!

TOP 5 secrets that guy fell in love with you

3. Stay frosty and keep your life

Even if you are getting serious, and you often see each other, talk more and feel a deeper connection, keep yourself under control. Continue to live the same life, which she lived to meet him. Yes, pay him a little more time, but don’t build your whole life around it. Keep seeing friends, going to clubs, gym… In General, do all what you done before he came into your life. There is one little secret – you got it also what you is interesting and busy with their girl. Maybe he met with a miserable lady, and you’re completely different. Don’t turn into a semblance of his former miserable now just because you have a man.

TOP 5 secrets that guy fell in love with you

4. It’s time to label

It is very important to understand – you want to be with him? It is with him, not with any other man? You should consider this question and to understand what exactly do you want from this man. We men love when we love and appreciate. It’s an amazing feeling to be with that woman that really wants me, despite all my shortcomings and failures. On the other hand, if a woman just wants to meet anyone, for us this is a clear indication that her contact is not necessary. We know that if she was so desperate, that any man can fill the void in her life, and no man is, alas, not flattering.

Most women fall into the trap of “fun to have a boyfriend“ and not even know who they’re Dating. When a man feels that you think he’s special, you make his life better, he will not avoid the formality of a relationship.

TOP 5 secrets that guy fell in love with you

If you’re doing everything right, but he still did not give your relationship a positive definition and a label, get away from him! If he really loves and appreciates, we will never let you go.

5. Give him what he wants – positive feedback, gratitude and respect

The male gaze is a respect and a sober assessment of each other are the basis of any relationship. What man really wants is to make the woman he loves happy and feel that she appreciates what he does for her. If you appreciate your boyfriend even in the moments of failures and weaknesses, he will want you even more. To appreciate the need to really, because no matter how much he does for you, the important thing is that he needs to feel that you appreciate it. The more you are generous with gratitude and appreciation the better.

For many men the perfect woman is the one that is completely happy with it. If you’re really happy with him, you know, what the person in front of you and accept it with all positive and negative sides, he can’t not love you.

TOP 5 secrets that guy fell in love with you

That’s all I can say. If you adhere to all these points, the man that you like, will not be able to resist. And what else? He just found the perfect woman.