TOP 5 most common mistakes in your life

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1. Failure to wait

Forty years ago, scientists from Stanford University (USA) started a fun experiment with sweets, which ended recently. The experiment was this: a small child was seated in a chair in a separate room and asked him to eat marshmallows with one interesting condition. The baby was given the choice. He could eat the sweetness right now or wait fifteen minutes and get two marshmallows.

In some cases, the children ate the marshmallow, not even waiting to hear the conditions. But there were those who could hold out the allotted time and get a well-deserved award.

The results of the Stanford marshmallow experiment was published in the seventies, but scientists continued to monitor the fate of the children who took part in it. And no wonder, because it turned out one curious thing. Those children who were able to eliminate the treats and wait for the rewards are much more successful in all areas of life compared to those who are not able to endure.

We’ve all heard it before more than once. And yet, despite this knowledge, despite the many studies on willpower and self-control, people still continue to be incredibly impulsive when it comes to making important decisions.

How to avoid this error. Not get ahead of ourselves. Do not jump to conclusions. Learn to wait, and you will surely be rewarded for his patience.

TOP 5 most common mistakes in your life

2. Wrong motivation

The reason why people are afraid to make long-term decisions, is that they simply don’t know what I want. If you don’t know what you want, there is nothing surprising in the fact that you even agree to the first offer.

When you start to achieve initial success (get a degree, a raise or promotion at work), before you open up new opportunities. Unless you know exactly what you want then you would be incredibly easy to confuse.

Since the vast majority of people don’t actually know what they need. Their main goal is to just look good in the eyes of other people. Needless to say, what is wrong?

Let’s try to find answers to these questions by considering the motivation of modern writers. Why a writer writes a book? There are two main reasons:

a contract with a publisher and receive compensation;
writing books that will become classics and will bring glory.
Most writers were honest with themselves: they just wanted to get money for something that wrote the book. They sacrificed their long-term goal of becoming a classic of literature in order to become just by the author, but with a decent amount of money.

The same is true for the majority of people who begin to build a career or to do something else. Their goal is to just become doctors, entrepreneurs, graduates of graduate school or someone else. It all really just care about the image. Acquired status and its apparent success means to them much more than the amount of work done really well.

How to avoid this error. Think about what you are aiming for really. What do you want? What is your goal? Are you ready to make efforts to achieve it? Ask yourself these questions very honestly.

3. The desire to get everything at once

Refer to the specific example. Take a young American writer Ryan Holliday (Ryan Holiday), who has published several books and see how evolved his career.

Publisher offered him a contract for his first book long before the book itself was written. Of course, Holliday was incredibly happy and shared the joy with all others. First, he reported on the success of his mentor, the writer Robert Greene (Robert Greene), which reacted not as expected.

Yes, he was glad for his pupil, he hastened to give him important advice is to wait. Green believed that the holiday is still very young (he was only 22 years old) and not ready to release. According to him, the Holiday was required to gain experience and to grow a little as a writer.

Unlike many, holiday followed the advice and did not hurry. And no wonder: over the next few years he really did a great job and improved their writing skills.

Would he write a great book in 22 years? Possible. Would she classics? Unlikely. Always, before you decide to do something, remember this example. You really can make something really awesome right now? Do you believe in yourself? These questions seem a bit banal, but they are extremely important.

Think and decide: do you want to do something just to do and enjoy a false sense of success, or you are able to wait, not to succumb to momentary desires and to do something really worthwhile?

The greatest satisfaction you can obtain for the wait, is what you will become in the end. You should be pleased with the work you have done on yourself, should be satisfied with some way to overcome. Your work is a reflection of you. This work defines you as a person.

How to avoid this error. Really good result requires hard work and complete dedication. Don’t expect to instantly achieve success. Learn how to wait.

TOP 5 most common mistakes in your life

4. The fear to miss the right moment

Many people tormented by the question: “what if I wait too long?”. Do not confuse the hitch before you begin to act, with the expectation of deferred compensation. These are completely different things.

You’ll know when it’s time to act. If it is not enough just to feel ready. Must be explicit evidence that the time has come. Everything should happen in reality and not just in your head.

How to avoid this error. When you realize that the time to act is now, do not let their determination to disappear in an unknown direction. Not worth it a thousand times to scroll through the situation in my head and try to delay the execution of the deeds in the hope to find a more appropriate time.

5. Inaction for fear of failure

When you start to make some real actions to get closer to your goal, you will definitely encounter problems and difficulties. Yes, the first time you may not be able to carry out his plan, and it is quite normal.

Far more important is how you behave after the first failure. It is likely that you will want to spit, to drop everything and just go with the flow, nothing else is undertaking. It is important not to give in to this temptation.

You need to give yourself time to think about the situation and understand what caused the failure. And then try again. When you finally get to implement his plan, that satisfaction which you will feel will be one of the most pleasant feelings that you have ever experienced.

How to avoid this error. Do not be afraid to take some steps just because of the fear of failure. It is better to make and regret, than to just sit idly by.

TOP 5 most common mistakes in your life

The results

Not to make silly mistakes that can leave their mark on the rest of your life, remember a few simple rules:

– sometimes it’s better to wait a bit before you start to operate;

– it is important to decide what you want to achieve really;

– be confident in your abilities and in what you are doing;

– do not take impulsive decisions.

Try to follow these rules and life will become a little easier.