TOP 30 cool truths Mr. Freeman

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1. Each by itself of a great man, but the two of us and one of us has shit.

2. Great stay and being small.

3. Fight, that is urine! Stand up for your values every day. Otherwise, you will remain a part of society, where people are scared to lose your phone than your virginity.

4. Your life is a lie, porn, domestic assault, Internet addiction, and cell-cell slavery. Well, isn’t that right? Tell me, have you ever done something really out of the ordinary? Never. Can’t. You know why? Because all of this is outside your comfort zone. You Packed in it. In polypropylene bag. You pieces of meat, sandwiched framework of life and work.

5. You hate and despise each other. And this mutual hatred is the only thing that makes you whole.

6. And you wonder why you have civil hollow? How else to behave with the herd, where are all each other think nerds? To what generation you need to bring to the others you saw, finally, himself. And instead of “I” and “they” said, finally, “WE”!

7. Who is he that condemns lies, he is lying. I tell the truth and don’t trust anyone.

TOP 30 cool truths Mr. Freeman

8. People ask questions and take offense at hearing the truth. Not ready for the truth? Don’t ask questions!

9. Do you know what time you came? Freedom today is the ability to click on thousands of channels for free to download porn and just do what you do not, all. And the herd has already reconciled with this substitution.

10. He wanted to be a musician, but instead only grows on the ass office bedsores. She wanted to be an actress, but only learned to simulate orgasm, and all their main scenes rolls in the kitchen. And what is the result? A third of our life sleeping, one third on the eat-shit-laugh, and the third to the hatred of his beloved work. You could do something real, you know?

11. — Keep it simple and people will be attracted to you.
— I’d rather be a bit difficult and me to lag behind those who is easier.

12. The road arises under the steps going.

13. I never wanted a revolution in which shed human blood. I never called for the massacre, which lead smearing brains on the walls! Revolution can be only one — a revolution of consciousness. Only. Everything else is just a pointless meat grinder that turns flesh into loot.

14. Look at the power, they did not stand on ceremony — show people some incendiary performances every 2 months allowed to let off steam, polls, happy New Year, the construction of a nano-future, Olympic football and the Kingdom of the state. People hawala and happy. But when people have a hole in my pocket and absolutely nothing to eat, who to blame?! There is no vodka with football, there is needed a sacrifice. And power to the people the victim, for sure, provide. Us, you know? It turns out the game was. On the one hand, the people who shit on themselves, on the other — the power to shit on people. And in the middle you and me, who sort of have something, but who and what — is unclear.

TOP 30 cool truths Mr. Freeman

15. How to win or not to lose in the game whose rules are constantly changing and do not change you?

16. People love each other. But due to education they do so in a very perverted form. Take a look. It is easier to love than to hate. And those who understand it, much stronger.

17. You would be advised to be unique and to cultivate its diversity. So go on, be original: become a champion of sores in your Department, will receive the Oscar for best simulated orgasm, throw partners on the headstock, bite each other’s throats arguing who is better than others understood Freeman!

18. Man spared the time, thinking it much.

19. We didn’t do anything great, but devalued what was once considered a great…

20. My every word causes you to turn profound questions! I know how it looks? I say to you: “People, you’re out of bread. You need to buy bread”. You stared staring at me, jaw sagging, eyes bulging, terrified, and heard the cry: “Gleeb! We have no bread! What do we do, Freeman?! Give us bread!”. And so on. Hey, a bakery around the corner.

21. Who does not want or is afraid. No hold!Goodbye and went out!

TOP 30 cool truths Mr. Freeman

22. I owe you nothing, you owe it to yourself.

23. Say I have the same trash as everyone else. Good Lord, for the values of the majority I’m much worse.

24. Free grinding, is much more expensive, settling in the end so many  sediment of  dirty cynicism and sadism that until the end of days do not wash.

25. Money is expensive, and the people nothing. Because you are priceless, because it proved that I can do God any myth.

26. People, Wake up! Circulation of money is needed, that you gave them your power. Because the cost of money provided by work, and without you they mean nothing.

27. If everyone smells like shit, did you crap?!

28. Joy turns to grief. Tears always turn into laughter. Gentle with time
becomes rough. Friendship turns into love. Love is a habit. Habit – hatred. Hatred – in peace. Calm in curiosity. Curiosity into friendship.

TOP 30 cool truths Mr. Freeman

29. You could do something real, you know? But what has become of your dream?

30. Don’t wait when you finish the Institute, when the kids are born. Stop waiting, when will start to work when you retire when you marry, get divorced. Don’t wait for Friday evening, Sunday morning, purchase of a new machine, new apartment. Don’t wait for spring, summer, autumn, winter. Moments of happiness — precious, is not the destination, but the journey itself. Work — not only for the money, love — not in anticipation of parting. Dance — ignoring the glances. The worst mistake you can make is whole life to pursue goals, not noticing how past you and runs your life…