Tips that will prolong the life of your car

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Simple tips that will save you money and time.

Car owners who do not follow his car, spending more money on maintenance – that’s a fact. The best way to avoid costly car repair – it is time to eliminate possible defects and to take measures to ensure that all worked as it should. We have collected five simple tips that will not only help extend the life of your iron horse, but also save your money.

Follow the condition of the car

Tips that will prolong the life of your car
Always be attentive to what is happening with your car. Somewhere there is a new scratch, a chip from the stone, and might need to make similarity collapse. Fix up minor issues immediately. So in the future you will not have to pay the full amount for the repair. Besides, the timely resolution of problems will not allow it to develop into something more.

Check the condition of the air filter if it is clogged, then flows into the engine is much less air, and it’s bad for fuel consumption. To verify the degree of contamination of the filter: if it does not pass through light, then, it is time to change.

Check the tire pressure

Tips that will prolong the life of your car
You will not take much time to do it at any gas station. As a rule, self-checking tire pressure is free. But if you don’t know how to do it, ask the employee filling or service to help you. Pressure affects fuel consumption, and the overall behavior of the car on the road. As a rule, normative pressure prescribed in the service book of each car, usually a 2.2.

Mask off the engine

Tips that will prolong the life of your car
In cold weather the car is subjected to much greater wear, so keep an eye on them it is necessary more carefully. The car warmed up faster and also to make gasoline less spend, you can insulate their horses. Currently, there are special car blankets that contain fire-resistant materials. They help to retain heat for a long time and the engine cools down longer. This is useful when you, for example, in winter we have to run to the store and then again don’t have to warm up the car. Moreover, slow cooling is helpful for the engine and other parts.

Watch out for potholes and speed bumps

Tips that will prolong the life of your car
Each hole or speed bump you drove the wrong way, hurting your car. Affects not only the damping, but also other components of the machine. Therefore, all protruding obstacles you need to pass slowly, and pit try to go around. Beware of puddles – often underneath it all, a deep pit or even an open manhole, where you can easily leave your suspension. These places need to either go around the party to overcome or at very low speed. And always be careful on the road: you never know where you may end up wheel. Be it stone, or oil slick, or pothole to these unexpected surprises you must be ready.

Refuel good fuel

Tips that will prolong the life of your car
A scratch on the bumper or wing malfunction of air conditioning or even a crack on the windshield is nothing compared to engine repair. If something happens, repairs can break the Bank. Engine trouble – a frequent occurrence, if you use bad gasoline. To save on fuel is not necessary, and if possible, refuel at stations of well-known brands. In addition, if you urgently need to refill the tank, and next to only gas station type “Horns and Hoofs”, it is better to drive further and look for high-quality filling stations. In a pinch, you can pour a quarter of a tank to have enough to make it to the next gas station.