Time does not put everything in its place

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We have a thousand times heard the phrase “time will put everything in its place“. They say its usually in the hope that everyone will get their just deserts: the good, the good people will live in happiness and prosperity, and bad fully responsible for their actions.

However, some of our thoughts and hopes about life justice, this is justice will not come. If to speculate, it’s just pointless-an encouraging phrase.

We are not judges and can not hope that everything will happen to people as we believe they deserve. Perhaps the reality is that we will pay for our actions, it is only the entire of our actions.
When something we don’t like, seems to us to be unpleasant or unfair, we often resort to the theory of “life is not fair“.

But let us recognize that faith in the justice of this world is just a way of self-deception that makes us blind to what we don’t want to see. This makes us feel that all is well and that our happiness is out of danger. In General, it would be very difficult to live without fear, thinking that there is no justice and might happen tomorrow just anything. We need this idea for a quiet life. We can’t control everything. And time can.

In any case, we cannot passively to speculate what we are good and that life will always reward us for it, expect something wonderful is about to happen in our lives, with absolutely no acting. The only effective way to achieve this good life is to fight to the loss of pulse to work three sweat to win this vital contest.

You just have to realize that our lives determines not only the time we are able to create their own destiny. We alone are responsible for your time and for your life. Remember that the happy people on the road is not always found what they want, they just take the best of all that will meet along the way.