How to think and play big: 20 inspirational quotes from Donald Trump

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Yes, the last time Donald Trump has positioned itself exclusively as a politician, but do not forget that he is one of the most talented businessmen of the late XX — early XXI century. His biography speaks for itself: this guy definitely knows how to get her way. Find out and you.

1. Sometimes your best investments are the ones you didn’t.

2. When you are constantly wrong, the worst thing you can do is to endure. Enough. Give back. If someone challenges you, it is important to be able to fight back.

3. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the ability to act (and to act effectively) in spite of fear.

4. Remember: there are no unrealistic goals, there are unrealistic deadlines.

5. Money was never the incentive for me. They only needed to score. The pleasure I get from the game itself.

6. I try to learn lessons from the past, planning the future, I always start from the present. That’s the whole fun.

7. I do not see every failure the end of the world and sit on it, as on the ashes. Gained experience, learned it, move on.

8. The winners are distinguished from losers by the way they react to each new twist of fate.

9. In the end, a man’s measured not by how many times he tried, and tried, and for what I have achieved.

10. It is always good to be underestimated.

How to think and play big: 20 inspirational quotes from Donald Trump

11. If you are trying to find a balance between work and fun, rather then stop it. Just make your work more interesting and enjoyable.

12. To be a winner is to know when to stop. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and move on to something new, equally promising.

13. Work. Move forward. Plan. Aim high. Don’t sit idle on the runway in the hope that someone will come and push your plane. This will not happen. Change its position and enter the height. Believe me, you’ll like it — at the top.

14. No matter how smart you are. No matter what your education and some life experience behind shoulders. Remember: it is impossible to be so wise man to single-handedly build a successful business.

15. Signing another deal, I never forget about the worst possible option. I always ask myself — will I be able to survive it. Do not think about the positive outcome — good will take care of itself.

16. I go to bed at night and get up at five in the morning (and I’m getting back to reading Newspapers). The fact that I don’t need a longer stay, gives me a competitive advantage.

17. The second important event in every man’s life is the day he buys the boat, and the greatest event in his life — the day when he sells it.

18. You yourself dictate to people how they should treat you. Your attitude is obvious to others. Behave so it became clear that you stand expensive.

19. I don’t trust fashion marketing related. I do my own research and make your conclusions. If I’m thinking about buying land, I try to talk to the people living in the area. And arriving in a new city, I first of all asked about it the taxi drivers.

20. Everything in life is luck.