That’s why a blood test taken from your ring finger

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Despite the fact that the blood throughout the body the same, for the analysis of take it more often of the ring finger. know that in medicine there is nothing accidental, and so I decided to look into the matter.

That's why a blood test taken from your ring finger

It turns out that there is a reasonable explanation. Fingertips — all the best part of the body for blood sampling. Because they have no hair on them is a lot of blood vessels and besides they are easy to squeeze.

In addition, there are 3 main reasons:

  1. Reducing the risk of infection
    Any puncture of the skin can lead to infection. The inner lining of the thumb and little finger are directly connected to shells of the brush if the infection gets into them, it can quickly spread to the whole hand. And shell the rest of the fingers are isolated and even if at the moment of puncture will get infected, it some time to be localized, which will enable her to suppress.
  2. Fast healing
    Compared to other fingers the ring finger less moves, the wound it heals faster, which also reduces the possibility of infection.
  3. Pain
    Due to the fact that the finger of the “non-working” leather on it is thinner and therefore makes it easier and less painful to needle.