A successful hunt. 9 techniques to tempt anyone

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Attractiveness is more than looks. There is an important voice, the ability to lead yourself, use the smells, the style of communication with others and a thousand other little things. Read which words and actions can make you a magnet for a people. And remember: these are not empty thoughts and the results of dozens of scientific experiments.


A successful hunt. 9 techniques to tempt anyone
Women are more attracted to men who make them laugh. The research results show that women really like men with a good sense of humor. Simple example: three men talking in a bar so that they are heard by others. Then each of them in turn had to ask for the phone one of the girls at the next table — a successful one who joked all the time. If a man successfully joking loudly, the chances of getting a telephone rise — to such conclusion one of the authors of the study — Nicolas Guegen from Universitéde Bretagne.

Anthropologist Gil Greengross believes that the favor of the woman is because men with a sense of humor are perceived by women is more socially successful and smart. But with women it doesn’t work — a sense of humor for men is not an important selection criterion.

Surround yourself with friends

A successful hunt. 9 techniques to tempt anyone
In groups people look better than their own. In University of California proved that in a crowd of friends, we seem much more attractive than their own. 25 the students were asked to watch 300 women photos. Pictures of the same girls when they were with friends, were estimated to be much higher than single portraits. Then 18, senior, showed men photos output confirmed.

Possible cause in how our brain reads and processes the visual information. “Walk with a retinue of friends or girlfriends can be a good strategy if their traits balance the fact that you are unattractive or strange,” write the authors of the study drew Walker and Edward Vul.

Avoid conversations on general topics

A successful hunt. 9 techniques to tempt anyone
People will come closer when you talk about personal. In State University of NewYork found out what type of communication most conducive to the emergence of romantic relationships. Boys and girls were divided into pairs and distributed a list of questions to each other. To ask questions and get answers, all was for 45 minutes, but the discussion topics proposed are quite different. Pairs from the first group had to say on General topics, and second to discuss personal issues that do not usually affect communication with strangers. In the second group the level of personal rapprochement after communication was much higher.

One of the study’s authors, psychologist Arthur Aron believes that conversations about personal help to quickly overcome protective mechanisms of the psyche, holding us at a distance from each other. Adults tend to protect their personal space from strangers, “Ekranas” superficial conversations. Where such a screen, the convergence is fast.


A successful hunt. 9 techniques to tempt anyone
The happier the smile, the more attractive a person seems. The expression of happiness can even compensate for the relative plainness. At the University of Bern spent two amusing experiment to prove the existence of associative relationships between attractiveness and happiness. First, participants were asked to consider several portrait photos and choose the most beautiful face. Without exception, all chose images with happy smiles. Then put another task — choosing the happy faces. It turned out that of the two smiling in the pictures seems to be happier than one who looks more attractive.

Jessie Poli, one of the study’s authors, argues that our thirst for happy people continued the mechanisms of “natural selection”, is still influencing the choice of a partner through the subconscious. We want to procreate with someone who is healthy and well adapted to the environment. Another explanation for the attractiveness of happy smiles — the evolutionary importance of a positive attitude and the benefits it gives to man.

Get a dog

A successful hunt. 9 techniques to tempt anyone
The man who has a pet, it seems women are more reliable, relaxed and happy. This is a joint study of Ruppin Academic Center and School of Public Health University of Michigan. Participated 100 women — they were offered several descriptions of men and asked to choose the most attractive image, suitable for long-term love relationships. Then psychologists have made two types of descriptions, conventionally they are designated as “boys” and “daddy”. Men of the first kind of cheated on women and was easily getting into fights. Men of the second type — cared about women, all demonstrated awareness and responsibility. If the description was not a word about the dog, “daddy” was always more interesting “kid”. If the dog is mentioned, the coder always has the advantage. And “the boys” dogs were even a little more attractive “daddy” dogs.

As noted by one of the study’s authors Orly Bar Lev, the fact that the man has a dog, is for women a symbol of reliability. He is able to carry responsibility and to contain the creature who completely depends on him — then he can be counted on. In addition, the need to constantly care about someone but himself for him easy, or he would hardly keep a dog. Therefore, man is capable of a long term relationship.

Good value in an expensive apartment

A successful hunt. 9 techniques to tempt anyone
Luxury surroundings makes us more attractive. The same man in casual, nondescript clothes photographed the interior of the elite apartments, neutral interior design living room. Each of these photographs the staff of Cardiff Metropolitan University showed a group of 35 women and asked them to rate the attractiveness of men. The first picture has collected more accolades.

The explanation of the response of women scientists see that representatives of the beautiful half of humanity unconsciously looking for a strong partner, able to ensure the safety of future offspring. Power in modern society is associated with high social status. If real information on the status of men not, be important indirect signs.

Be thoughtful

A successful hunt. 9 techniques to tempt anyone
Men, accustomed to comprehend their own feelings, women seem to be more attentive and pleasant. One of the largest publishing houses in the Netherlands Elsevier last year initiated and paid for the special survey of youth who use the services “speed Dating”. The essence of the service is that single guys and girls are going to the General meeting, and each subject of the partner
are paying for 10-15 minutes. After you choose with whom to continue the dialogue. Before meeting each participant was asked to answer several questions, one of them was, if they comprehend their own emotions before you throw them out. Following the meeting, it turned out that girls think more passionate to those guys who comprehend your feelings. However, the guys chose the more pretty girls, not more thoughtful — that is, gender difference.

Service “speed Dating” sets strict time frames of communication, not to evaluate the real degree of interest of the partner. Psychologists suggest that the more thoughtful guys carefully listened to the girls and gave the impression of greater interest and caused reciprocal interest.

Engage in extreme sports

A successful hunt. 9 techniques to tempt anyone
Girls love risky guys. Researchers at the University of Alaska found out what risks add the man, of passionate. For this poll, which was attended by 233 of students of senior courses. Most of them voted for deep-sea diving, in-line skating and mountain bike. The least attractive proved to be the risks of plagiarism of student work, downloading pirated software and careless use of chemicals.

As noted by one of the study’s authors Claudia Lampman, women spoke approvingly of “old risks”, those scholars are conventionally called “risk hunters and gatherers”. It is about overcoming the elements and all sorts of physical obstacles. All this on a subconscious level refers to the motive power of primitive man. More modern risks — social, reputational, etc. leave women indifferent, they just do not include this mechanism.

Wear red

A successful hunt. 9 techniques to tempt anyone
The woman in red seems men are more passionate. University of Rochester 30 undergrads invited to consider the black-and-white images of girls with different color backgrounds — red, grey, white, green, and blue, and then choose which picture depicts the most passionate girl. Most pointed to the photo with a red background. Moreover, answering the question: “What attracted you to this image?”, only a few admitted that maybe the case in red color associated them with making love.

According to the authors of the study Andy Jay Eliona and Danielle Nasty, red has on men special hypnotic effect, activating in their minds associative chains that are associated with relationships.