Strong and happy relationships are built on these two qualities

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A recent study was conducted in the course of which were interviewed happily married couples who are married more than 15-20 years. Psychologists engaged in this project more than a year, constantly observing the behavior of pairs and verifying that they remained together or separated.

After analyzing the collected material, the scientists noticed one thing in common: a happy wife certainly showed kindness and generosity to each other. But how exactly?

They look at each other

Those whose marriage did not last long, as a rule, ignore the words, actions and needs of their partners not giving them enough attention and not encouraging. Happy, on the contrary, very sensitive to anything that says their “second half”, showing thus their respect and the importance of his or her life.

Couples who divorced after less than 6 years together, I pay attention to each other at 33%, and those who are still together, turn to a partner 87% of the time.

Strong and happy relationships are built on these two qualities

They do not criticize each other

Kindness is expressed to respect your partner, look for his good qualities, not bad (not only kindness, but great wisdom, we think). Psychologists say that such behavior is only proper mental habit to develop that everyone can. Such people are deliberately looking for things for which to be thankful and partner, and do not hesitate to Express this gratitude aloud. They deliberately instill the culture of respect and acceptance within their pair. Well, I do not who can not boast of a happy personal life, too, there are quite purposefully, however, they are looking for something to criticize the man than it is to blame and something to complain about.

They appreciate the efforts their partners

Even the most ideal, at first glance, people can do what’s terribly annoying. Your boyfriend, for example, may be late on dinner or turn the show on full volume when you’re trying to sleep. What is important is how you all would react. The happy people in similar situations did not have thoughts about what the partner did something on purpose to hurt you or upset. On the contrary, they notice and appreciate even small acts in which the partner tried to make something better or more enjoyable for them. The effort is not impaired, and enjoyable moments becomes more and more.

Strong and happy relationships are built on these two qualities

They are happy for each other

The study showed that it is important not only to support each other in difficult times, but also to sincerely share with them good moments. For example, your boyfriend received a significant promotion. You can treat this event in a calm and even cool, strain through clenched teeth: “Congratulations” or “yeah”, and fell on his neck with a happy squeal and assure: “I always knew you will. I’m so proud of you.” The difference is obvious, isn’t it?