Smart modern fairy tale

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Beautiful Princess always believed in love and was ready to fight for it until the end. “In war all means are good”, she thought and so when we heard that the Prince was in the depths of despair, introspection and ego the size of Jupiter, decided in whatever was to save the poor man.

Even though the dragon that guards this treasure locked in a tower and considers it a rare asshole. But the Princess is stubborn nature, she “fire and water” for a favorite, so taking from my room was the best and most sharp sword, riding a black horse, it goes on the road. And racing it is, therefore, on horseback, hair back, and in my head a detailed plan of salvation.

And our sad Prince loves praise and admiration, that all the forces of denies it, and the soul hopes and believes that he did regret it and still have finally to save. Stupid, stupid Prince.

Through many trials we had to pass our heroine before to fight a dragon for the Prince’s heart. They long fought in the net, and the Prince sat in the tower, beheld all this from the window and eating popcorn, all washed down with some whiskey. Nasty, nasty Prince.Smart modern fairy tale

And here at the end of the next day, the dragon asked the Princess:
– Look, kid, why do you want this Prince surrendered?
– What do you mean “why”, I love it! – wiping the sweat from his face, angrily replied the Princess.

– You don’t even know, he but himself to love anyone, he also like to talk about himself more than anything not can, and yet he is a drunkard and does not take a lot of information. Well, why should you?
I love it and have to fight for it! the Princess was clearly shocked by the sincerity of the dragon.

– I beg you! Well, first, what kind of love is this, for which we should fight? Love is when everything voluntarily and by mutual consent. It is useless to beg, beg, and fight for it makes no sense. It’s either there or it is not. The rest – fiction and your sick imagination. Secondly, look at his Prince carefully, but frustration and low self-esteem it’s not gonna do anything.

Awareness entered the brain of the Princess, she saw the Prince from the other side and realized the folly of their actions.

You’re right, dragon. I’m sorry. Can we go eat? Princess dropped the sword and turned to his horse.
Yeah no problem, let’s creep up on me so quickly, I know a place nearby, where the chef prepares delicious steaks, you should evaluate!

The Princess and the dragon flew together to eat dinner, but the Prince remained sad and misunderstood, narcissistic idiot. Here the story ends, and who read, let them try to stop chasing unnecessary and come up with love where there is none.

Smart modern fairy tale