SHOCK! What we can tell square on toothpaste?

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The best toothpaste should not only great to clean off plaque from the teeth, to whiten and disinfect them. It should be safe! As it turned out, the composition of the goods, which are now all, without exception, is poor… Look at the marking on the tube of your favorite hygiene products!

Looking at it, what color is the square on the tube, it is possible to determine the precise composition of the paste.


1. The green square says that the paste consists almost entirely of natural ingredients. By the way, these squares can be seen on the tube with other cosmetics!

2. The blue square indicates that the toothpaste contains both natural and chemical components.

3. The red square on the tube indicates the presence of small amounts of hazardous chemicals: this pasta is in any case impossible to swallow!

4. Black square is the most dangerous sign. Harmful toothpastes consist almost entirely of chemicals and marked with this symbol on the tube!

SHOCK! What we can tell square on toothpaste?

Such labeling manufacturers use for a long time! It is particularly important to check children’s toothpaste, because kids so often it is swallowed during teeth cleaning…

Choose only natural products! No one knows what the future will bring thoughtless use of dangerous chemicals in the home.

SHOCK! What we can tell square on toothpaste?

Washing powders, detergents, toothpaste: all of this should be as natural as possible. Now there is research proving that such products for General use are a common cause of allergies in children and adults, asthma attacks, skin diseases of all kinds.

Share this information with friends! They probably also don’t know about it. It is not necessary to poison yourself with unnecessary chemicals.