Seven shocking facts you never knew about your body

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Every 10-15 years, humanity is reconsidering its ideas about healthy living. What was previously considered harmful, considered useful, or Vice versa.

The world’s most powerful computer is able to perform no more than 0.002% of the human brain. Eyes distinguish 10 million colors, you just do not know or do not remember their names. Man is able not to sleep for ten days in a row (not without consequences, but still). The potential speed of a healthy adult male running across the plains is higher than the gazelles. In the history there were cases when people lifted the car without any special tools, using a force of several hundred kilograms. Human muscle is much more powerful than it seems, and the average city dweller aged 25 to 45 years downloads its muscles on average 27-30%. And not without reason: in the human brain has a special unit, not allowing the body to operate at full capacity in the normal state. A kind of “protection against the fool”, a natural mechanism that does not fully engaging the muscle online to avoid being hurt. Protection works as long as the blood reaches a certain amount of adrenaline. That’s when you realize that the Hulk and Superman just namby-pamby.

Still a lot we currently do not know. Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana called the human body “under-researched continent, full of mysteries and riddles.” Enough to be a continent? Per day your blood overcomes the distance of 312 km. 19 For comparison: the length of Australia from North to South is about 3700 km. Imagine how much interesting happens during movement at such a distance!

The author of “Life of the mind” died in the mid-twentieth century. Many of existed in the time of Santayana mysteries have been solved, but not all. Every 10-15 years, humanity is reconsidering its ideas about healthy living. What was previously considered harmful, considered useful, or Vice versa. More recently, doctors in one voice repeating: Smoking is evil and it must be fought for the sake of the health of the nation. Now it turns out that tobacco slows down the development of some cancers and helps to localize the inflammatory process in the stomach. That is, Smoking saves lives. Unexpectedly? There will be many more surprises. So! Seven facts about your body that you probably are not yet known.

Sports longer than 35 minutes per day harmful

Seven shocking facts you never knew about your bodyThe truth set in China Medical University Hospital (Taiwan, Taichung)

Forget about exercises of endurance and never complain that not enough, they say, time for fitness. If you’re the President, though, is a truck driver, in any schedule there is a window of 15-20 minutes a day, and is no longer required. The fact that losing weight and improving your cardiovascular system just 15 minutes of moderate physical activity per day or 105 minutes per week. Increase the duration of sports only makes sense to 240 minutes a week, and a little less than 35 minutes a day. Increasing the load beyond this limit, not only does not benefit, but also creates the risk of ill health.

By order of the National Health Research Institutes (Taiwan national Institute for research in the health sector) in one of the hospitals had interesting experiment. The group, which consisted of 400 adult men and women started playing sports at the General schedule — 15 minutes a day. After three weeks, the health status of program participants improved markedly and the level of physical activity increased. Scientists came to the conclusion that regular sessions in this mode prolong human life by an average of three years. In the second phase of the experiment participants were divided into several smaller groups to alternately increase the load and compare the results. Health indicators improved, while the classes lasted no longer than 35 minutes a day. With further increase in load many participants had issues with the heart and/or lungs as well as showed signs of fatigue.

Children biting nails or sucking your thumbs, protect yourself from allergies

Seven shocking facts you never knew about your bodyThe truth set in McMaster University (Canada, Ontario)

“Don’t bite your nails! And in General, do not pull the handle in his mouth!” say mother, worried about the invasion of evil microbes that attack the oral cavity of their children. We, the generation for whom the words “hygiene” and “cleanliness” became synonyms, hard to believe that in some cases the purity is not good.

On average, 45% of thirteen year old teenagers suffer from allergic reactions to cat, dog and horse hair, harvest mites, some types of plants and fungal organisms. Moreover, among children who are accustomed to biting his nails and sucking your thumb, this figure is much lower — 31% among those who have only one of two habits — 40%. Once again exposing themselves to the effects of germs, children unconsciously stimulate your own immune system and this reduces the risk of autoimmune disorders in General, and the most common violations of allergies in particular. “We do not claim that parents should encourage children to chew their nails and suck the fingers, says head of research group-McMaster University Professor Malcolm Sears. I just want to draw the attention of fathers and mothers that these habits have a positive side.”

Another interesting study of the origin of Allergy held at Dunedin School of Medicine (New Zealand). There, scientists searched for a link between the presence/absence of cats and dogs in the house and the development of allergies to wool, and was still trying to figure out if you can avoid allergies to dust and mites, giving children an opportunity to get acquainted with these stimuli at an early age. Here, alas, no connection was found.

Cholesterol protects from cancer

Seven shocking facts you never knew about your bodyThe truth established at Aston University (UK, Birmingham)

Decades we have been telling us that cholesterol is evil, calling to limit the consumption of foods that increase the content of this substance. A few years ago, popularized the ideas of healthy eating softened, remembering that it is an essential component of cell membranes and the precursor for the synthesis of steroid hormones and bile acids. The enemy is cholesterol was declared only cholesterol plaques, scattered vessels and violating our blood circulation. And now it turns out that even these plaques are not the enemies.

A group of researchers from Birmingham’s Aston University, led by Dr. Paul Carter has studied and classified the patients of oncological clinics in the UK for the period from January 2000 to March 2013. It turned out that for those who have cholesterol levels above normal, the risk of breast cancer was lower by 43%, prostate by 47%, colon 30%, lung 22%. Other and better protected were the ones who formed the very hateful plaque.

Patients who have already been diagnosed with cancer and who was taking medications that normalize the production of cholesterol in the body, was dying from cancer faster. And worst of all was the case of those who were given drugs blocking the synthesis of estrogen a female hormone that, among other things, involved in the formation of plaque.

“The rate of cancer increases so much that it’s impossible to ignore, says about them Paul Carter. — Generally accepted standards of treatment should be adjusted so that the fighting against the same disease, not to aggravate the other one.” Can’t argue with that, because ultimately the purpose of medicine — prolongation of life of the patient, not the normalization of indicators like cholesterol.

Cannabis will save from Alzheimer’s disease

Seven shocking facts you never knew about your bodyThe truth established at the Salk Institute (USA, La JOLLA)

In one of the best scenes of the legendary series Jim Parker Midsomer Murders (“Midsomer murders”) is a handsome old lady, guests are treated to biscuits stuffed with cannabis. Older heroine Parker grew cannabis in the garden and actively used it in cooking and baking. Perhaps due to this they are so well preserved. The series is filmed in the 1990s, when science did not know about the healing properties of cannabis. The fact that this plant contains substances that prevent the development of neurodegenerative diseases in General and Alzheimer’s in particular, was established five years ago in California’s Salk Institute.

The fact that the fibers and the juice of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol — the active compound that destroys a toxic protein known as beta-amyloid. The accumulation of this protein leads to the development of Alzheimer’s. “The worst thing about this disease is that in the brain it causes inflammation, — says one of the study’s authors, Antonio Currais. — For a long time neuroscientists mistakenly believed that the reason for its defeat nerve cells, but we failed to find evidence that the destructive process begins with the actions of other cells — immunopathy”. According to Currys, molecular basis of inflammation in the brain in Alzheimer’s is beta-amyloid. He noted that this was a major victory, and to understand how to influence it, it was easy.

As noted by the head of research group Professor David Schubert, that cannabis helps to cope with symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, has been known before. The news is that this time it is not about the relief of the patient, and the real impact on the source of the disease and on prevention options.

NAPs should last between 10 to 30 minutes

Seven shocking facts you never knew about your bodyThe truth set in Mayo Clinic (USA, Rochester)

Worked late and hope to make it sleep all morning? Will not help. Morning — from 9:00 to 11:00 is one of the worst periods for sleeping of an adult. Worse than just the time period from 18:30 to 20:30. It will hold in slumber and not just improve health, but rather will earn a crushing headache the next 4 hours. And that’s not to mention the risk of sleep at night. Those who need a day sleep experts at Mayo Clinic suggest you to choose the time between 14:00 and 15:00. It was the hour the body of the majority of people are most acutely feeling the effects of a night of lack of sleep.

At the end of last year the specialists of the clinic has published a list of recommendations on healthy sleep for adults and children. They are based on the analysis of the clinical practices of the network of medical institutions, receiving more than 1.3 million patients a year. Analytical group under the leadership of chief physician William Mandello concluded: afternoon of a holiday must not last longer than an hour. Sleep more (but less than four hours), you will feel rather tired than rested. A minimum duration of productive daytime sleep, according to Mayo Clinic, is 10 minutes.

So, finally, I found the answer to the question: how need free time to rejuvenate. One of the misconceptions on this subject appeared in 1985, when at the training bases of the Armed forces of the United States began to use the short course a restful night’s sleep. The first “training” looked curious: the soldiers fell asleep, sitting with a small metal object in his hand, and when the hand was relaxed, the subject fell and loudly hit about half the subjects woke up, lifted it and repeated the experience. It was believed that ten such drops is enough to restore combat capability after the night shift. Reception recommended for those cases when an extraordinary situation did not allow the soldier to sleep. In the 1990s, from courses of short NAPs refused. It turned out that managers of command points (they used this method especially active) very often suffer from permanent high blood pressure. Sorry, there were doctors from the Mayo Clinic.

Pasta lose weight

Seven shocking facts you never knew about your bodyThe truth established in the research center at Neuromed Istituto Neurologico Mediterraneo (Italy, Pozzuoli)

If someone says: “Stop eating the pasta! Soon you will not pass the doorway!”, send it directly to the Italian town of Pozzuoli to Professor George and Dr. Punia Presence of Iacoviello — authors of nutritional studies, the proceedings of which this year was published by the international journal Nutrition and Diabetes.

The purpose of the experiment, started by Italian scientists, initially, was to compare the performance of different versions of the “Mediterranean diet”. It is based on vegetables, fruits, olive oil and fish. Nutritionists from different countries unanimously agreed that this diet should be added of food grains, but in what form and in what quantity — here the experts disagree. Someone vote for whole grain bread, some for porridge. The Italians, predictably chose the pasta and undertook to prove his innocence.

23 thousand adult men and women were divided into several groups. Each adhered to one of the variants of the Mediterranean diet. The researchers measured and compared the body mass index and circumference of waist and hips of the participants. It turned out that with a balanced diet weight dropping all but those that eat pasta, lose weight faster.

Dr. Iacoviello, head of the laboratory of molecular and nutritional epidemiology, says that people who exclude from their diet pasta in attempt to lose weight, make a mistake. “It is a common misconception because of General prejudice against carbohydrate food, says Differences. Pasta is one of the main components of the Mediterranean diet, which in addition provides a slimming and even reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease”.

Vision deteriorate from reading in the darkness

Seven shocking facts you never knew about your bodyThe truth established in The College of Optometrists (UK, London)

Remember, in my childhood my parents caught you with a book under the lamp, said gravely threatened: “you’ll Ruin your eyes!” The myth about the dangers of reading in the twilight arose in the 1950s. Then, the world health organization developed the “International classification of diseases” published a global report on the geographical distribution of the diseases on the globe. From the document followed that in those countries where the average education level of residents is higher, impairment in General and myopia in particular are more common.

After this myopia became known as the “disease of reading”. Up until the late 1980s the international organization “Doctors without borders” organized a campaign for mass vision screening of inhabitants of third world countries. It turned out that the eyes of the public not to mention not healthier, but many of them know about their own problems, because it is not checked.

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“Even if you regularly read in very low light or in the dark, possibility of long term negative effects of view is very small, you are much more likely to hurt yourself, if it is wrong will receive the light of the shining lamp,” says Martin Cordiner, head of the research Department of The College of Optometrists. The last 20 years in the research center of the College operates a targeted program for the study of the influence of household factors on the level of vision and risks blindness. And in 2015 on the website of the British Royal Institute of the blind (RNIB) has published extracts from the reports of these studies. In the list of possible causes of deteriorating vision no reading in the dark, no eye strain does not appear. That can really hurt, so is the glare arising from the failure location of the light source. Ideally, the beam should be aimed directly into the page, and in any case should not Shine over his shoulder.