Seven of evidence that tea is better than coffee

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Think about these advantages when you will have to choose between your two favorite drinks.

Scientists explain the use of properties of tea polyphenols (type of antioxidants contained in the leaves of the plant) and photochemical features. Although most studies focused on green and black varieties, white and Oolong tea bring to the body not less proc. Its popularity is a beverage can compete only with ordinary drinking water. In contrast to patented drugs in no toxins, and it does not cause harmful side effects, and consume it for thousands of years (it is believed that the plant at least 500,000 years). Why health coffee can be called a younger cousin of tea?

Tea increases stamina

Japanese scientists from the laboratory of Kao Corporation found that the catechins (antioxidants), which is rich in green tea extract increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, read — muscular endurance becomes higher.

Tea reduces the risk of heart attack

It can also help to protect the body from cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. In his article Chinese doctor May van Ho even calls him a “miracle drug”, alluding to a longtime habit of his countrymen to drink green tea in large quantities every day. Drink and do right! Tea helps fight free radicals, which is often linked to the occurrence of heart disease.

Tea protects many organs from cancer

Including breast, large intestine and small intestine, skin, lungs, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, ovaries and prostate. Only, please do not rely solely on the life-giving Cup of hot tea c. the possible formation of a malignant tumor.

Tea supports hydration of the body

Even despite the caffeine! Nutritionist Claire Williamson from the British nutrition Foundation says that the process of dehydration, which is often attributed to caffeinated drinks, nothing more than urban legend. However, with a caveat — drink no more than three cups a day (and this is 70% of the total recommended amount of liquid). “Also, tea contains fluoride, which is very good for your teeth, adds the doctor. But, at the same time, it can impair the body’s ability to absorb iron, so people who are prone to anemia, you should avoid it immediately after a meal”.

Tea provides the best protection from UV rays

We all know how important it is to limit prolonged exposure to direct sun rays, but to resist the pleasure to spend a few hours on the beach just not. The good news is that green tea can act as a “backup” for sunscreen (but in any case not to replace it!) In the experiment of the Department of dermatology of Cleveland green tea extract have shown itself to be just heroically — has reduced the number of sunburn cells and reduced DNA damage as a consequence of UV radiation.

Tea helps to maintain a thin waist

An entertaining experiment of the Department of food studies at the University of Pennsylvania proved that participants who regularly consumed hot tea, waist circumference and body mass index were lower than those who did not. Scientists suggest: the fact that the drink reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome and accelerates the process of cleansing the body.

Seven of evidence that tea is better than coffee

Tea is an excellent prevention of neurological diseases

Although brain health is influenced by many factors, it is known that the polyphenols in green tea can help keep the part that is responsible for learning and memory.

Although most of the research in respect of tea are highly laudatory, and it is worth remembering some of the warnings. For example, always let the tea cool for a couple of minutes — a constant consumption of hot drinks increases the risk of esophageal cancer. In addition, the body is affected and the plant variety and the extent of its processing. Therefore, as with any product, it is important to observe a measure.