SENSATION! Gorilla “adopted” two kittens!

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Woodside hill (California) in 1971 is home to the famous gorilla Koko, which in the framework of research programs of scientists at Stanford University have mastered more than a thousand signs of the sign language amsley and is able to understand and understood about two thousand English words.

And she loves to mess with the kittens. When Coco recently celebrated his 44th birthday on her Birthday she brought a box of little kittens. Coco gently took kids with his huge hands and gently stroked them.

The IQ of Koko is in the range from 75 to 95, which in any case corresponds to normal intelligence (not retarded) person. She knows how to joke and to describe their feelings — sadness, discontent. The most famous joke Coco: she called herself a “good bird”, claiming that he could fly, but then admitted that it was a joke. When her partner, a gorilla, Michael, lost his leg at her ragdoll, Coco said to him in sign language, “You dirty bad toilet!”. Coco understands what the past and the future.

Coco never had the chance to become a mother and your unspent maternal instinct she sold the kittens. After meeting with kittens from the box, she “adopted” two kittens (grey and striped), now living with her and about which she cares. When Coco was asked about the kittens, she “said” that it was her children.