Scientists suggest less likely to come to work

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Maybe it’s time not to come to work and ask the boss is often to work from home?

A new study found that employees who work remotely, feel more happy, productive and satisfied with life. Unlike those who daily comes to the office.

Of course, not so ideal when you are working on remote. For example, one loses the sense of interaction with people, start talking with them and Pets spend a lot of time in pajamas and can’t chat with colleagues over a Cup of coffee, as she did before.
The company TinyPulse, advising on employment issues, conducted a major study among 509 workers who worked remotely full time. To obtain more accurate data, TinyPulse additionally did a random sample of 200,000 employees.

It turned out that workers on remote appreciated the feeling of happiness at work in an average of 8.1 points out of 10. For office staff, this indicator amounted to 7,42. The gap was even greater when the workers appreciated the feeling of self-value at work: the 7.75 — those who work remotely, and 6,69 — those who are busy in the office.

In addition, 91% of remote workers said that they are more productive when working outside the office. This is confirmed by the findings of scientists at Harvard University: employees working from home, less distracted and sick and have higher performance.

Although not all of us have the opportunity to work outside the office, those who can afford it, experts recommend to do it. You will become more happy, productive and contented life. Just remember to communicate more and to communicate with others.