Five facts why smart people can not fall in love

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In love Affairs it is very difficult to understand your heart. LikeStory going to talk about five interesting facts that will open your eyes to things new. So let’s get started!

  1. Smart people like to analyze their own and others feelings
    Smart people know how from collected information to make conclusions. And it plays with them a bad joke. They are faster than the other can end the relationship and escape at the first fight. “I don’t understand the argument? We don’t fit together!”
  2. They need a lot of time to open for partner
    They are constantly thinking brain is constantly working, continuing to bring to the surface various factors why something can go wrong. They think the relationship is a risk.
  3. Before starting a new relationship, they remember past experiences
    A big trap for smart is to remember your past experience. Remember that destroyed their past relationships. Remember how it hurt. Not taking into account that the new partner is a new story! And a new tale will be quite different!
  4. Loneliness is their conscious choice
    Most of the smart people alone, just because it was given such a setup to your brain. They are comfortable to be themselves.
  5. Relationships need to feel, not to think about them!