Rise and Shine: 6 ways to start to get up early

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Morning is a great time of day. You can spend it on charging or Jogging on a morning Park, and you can just leisurely make Breakfast and read your favorite book in our beautiful tranquility for the whole day. There was only one problem: how to still force myself to get up early?

Likestory.net raised 6 effective tips that will help you to get up a little earlier.

Put the alarm on a music that you exercise

Known fact that we choose the music depending on the mood or what we plan to do. During school or work, we prefer quiet classical music, and to relax a add to your playlist tracks in the style of reggae or lounge.

For training, we automatically select music that invigorates and motivates us, forcing to do a couple more approaches or to run one more lap. So why not transfer those emotions to the moment of awakening? Try to put the alarm clock most favorite “booty” song, and it automatically demotiviruet you to rise early.

In addition, songs for sports is usually pretty loud and energetic – it will be difficult to ignore such alarms.

Keep your phone or alarm clock away from the bed

To the standard alarm quickly get used to sooner or later learn to shut it off without opening his eyes, groping pressing the right buttons. To avoid this, simply put the phone away from the bed.

In this case, to cut out the Intrusive signal, you have to get out from under the blankets and make a couple of steps. We all know that getting out of bed is the hardest part!

Put it on the bedside table a glass of water

First, this is useful: you’ve spent 6-8 hours without water during sleep and morning glass of water will help you start the process of metabolism. Second, you will have to make some conscious movements and the drowsiness go away by itself.

60 seconds for the winner

So you drank a glass of water, reached the alarm and turned it off, now is the time to do short one-minute exercises. Remember how it was in high school: head from side to side, stretched his shoulders, twisted his pelvis and sat down a couple of times. Cheerfulness is provided to you!

Rise and Shine: 6 ways to start to get up early

The most pleasant things to do in the morning

Before you go to sleep, think about what you need to do the next day – on the important, pleasant and good deeds. Then you don’t have to trick your brain in the morning, you will be motivated to get up early and hurry to do it.

Remember, if you need to Wake up early to catch a plane to the sea, unless you rearrange over and over again the alarm?

Also, make sure that this did not detract from his plan. If you are going to the gym or the pool, prepare a gym bag in the evening to the morning to quickly pack up and go to class.

Eat Breakfast!

Rise and Shine: 6 ways to start to get up early

Sometimes the most difficult task in the morning is to plan so that all the time. Thoughtful leisurely Breakfast of porridge, cheese cakes or any other of your favorite food will help to tune in a good way and carefully plan the day, not in a hurry. This is another great incentive to Wake up!

Of course, regime change is always difficult. Try to re-plan the daily routine and move the lift an hour early. Very soon you will notice that you have more free time, and productivity of the day increased.