Right morning: Breakfast Monroe, Bardot and Loren

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Delicious start to the day from the three famous Actresses.


Right morning: Breakfast Monroe, Bardot and Loren

This morning the Italian Cinderella — a ritual of beauty. Learn the formula for success: rise at 6 in the morning (goes to bed Lauren no later than 21:00), 15 minutes of cardio, half walk and finally Breakfast. Nothing human this star is not alien, it is enough to recall the famous statement: “Everything you see I owe to spaghetti”. So a typical Breakfast Sophie is not called one losing weight women that a Cup of decaf coffee and fresh butter English muffin, and an hour later — a sandwich. The secret diet of the Actresses in that she does not deny itself and the gastronomic pleasures but (!) any food he eats in small portions. Another trick for the slender body with steep curves — a portion of pineapple a day. It removes excess fluid, contributes to the breakdown of protein and regeneration of the skin. Every three months the iconic Italian suits Express discharging — exactly three days sitting on the same diet. Here is her diet — so tasty!

Right morning: Breakfast Monroe, Bardot and Loren

Breakfast: 1 egg and 170 grams of orange juice.

Lunch: 60 grams of Turkey, vegetable salad and low-fat cottage cheese.

Dinner: spinach salad, 115 grams of pasta with shrimp. For dessert an Apple.


Breakfast: Cup of nonfat milk with cereals.

Lunch: half Cup cottage cheese, fruit salad.

Dinner: salad with vegetable dressing, 115 g spaghetti with meatballs of lean Turkey. For dessert pear.

Breakfast: half dried beygale and low-fat slice of cheese.

Lunch: boiled chicken, 115 grams of green salad.

Dinner: big salad of varied greens with vegetable vinaigrette, 170 grams of lasagna with low-fat cheese. For dessert, 1-2 peach.


Right morning: Breakfast Monroe, Bardot and Loren

Diet is another stunning blonde world cinema and avid vegetarian can be described in quotes the star itself. Although Bardot did not get into specifics about chipper in the morning, about Breakfast it is still not forgotten.

1. “Make no mistake, I eat vegetables at every meal (potatoes, of course, does not count!) and always fruit for Breakfast.”

2. “After a hearty Breakfast, I always wait until you feel hunger. I try not to eat “just because it’s time””.

3. “I always read the labels on the products that I buy, and always prefer foods with the least processing. That’s what I call “real food””.

4. “I always have on hand several useful products. Hunger is impossible to catch me by surprise — I have in stock is a good option to scratch it.”

We offer you a Breakfast version in the style of Brigitte Bardot.


Right morning: Breakfast Monroe, Bardot and Loren

Tofu cheese — 300-400 gr.
Tomato — 1 PC.
Sweet pepper — 2 PCs.
Soy sprouts — 2 tbsp
Olive oil
Saffron (turmeric) — 1/2 tsp
Salt, pepper — to taste

1. Sweet pepper remove seeds and chop together with the tomato into small cubes.

2. Add the soy sprouts.

3. Place tofu on a plate or in a bowl, add salt, pepper and saffron. Mash the cheese well with a fork.

4. Grease the pan with oil, put the vegetables and sprouts. Simmer until tender. As soon as they become soft and let the juice, put the soy cheese and mix well.

5. Simmer for 3-4 minutes so the tofu is soaked in vegetable juice and aromatic spices.


Right morning: Breakfast Monroe, Bardot and Loren

Banana — 1 PC.
Kiwi — 2 PCs.
Mint — 10 gr.
Water optional

1. Peel the kiwi. Cut into small pieces. If you want to remove bitterness — remove as many seeds.

2. Clean and chop the banana. Chop the mint.

3. Add all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth for 20 seconds.


Right morning: Breakfast Monroe, Bardot and Loren

“I was told that my eating habits were weird, but I don’t think so. Before you take a shower, I heat the milk on the stove. When it gets hot, I break two raw eggs, whipped with a fork and drink while getting dressed. I Supplement drink, multivitamin tablets and I doubt any doctor could recommend a more nourishing Breakfast for a working girl that is always somewhere in a hurry“, — has described his start to the day in an interview, Marilyn. If you understand, morning “drink” sexy stars contains vitamin B, Riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus and about 20 grams of protein. For comparison, a serving of corn flakes total protein 1.8 g, and the plate of oatmeal — 3. Nothing “strange” as a celebrity. Her Breakfast is nothing like the eggnog artists. Why not try to spend the morning in the style of a movie star? You can start with the option or Monroe with our dessert version.


Right morning: Breakfast Monroe, Bardot and Loren

Eggs — 4 PCs.
Cold milk — 4 cups
Fresh orange juice — 1 Cup
Sugar — 6 tbsp
Salt — pinch
Chocolate chips — 2 tbsp

1. Rinse eggs with baking soda with a brush.

2. Separate egg whites from yolks and whisk with a pinch of salt in a solid foam.

3. Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until lush white mass.

4. Add the orange juice and milk. Mix well.

5. Mix egg mass with protein, mix well with a spatula, pour into glasses. The final touch is chocolate chips.