What really eat model?

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Naomi Campbell, Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton and other holders of gorgeous shapes share secrets.

Naomi Campbell

What really eat model?

In the daily diet of the “black Panthers” are definitely warm water with lemon, herbal teas, salads with fish, steak and juices are cold-pressed. Naomi herself says that was never to starve myself and not going to. “Can’t imagine my life without daily yoga and Pilates”.

Miranda Kerr

I eat everything, but not all the time.

What really eat model?

The ex-wife of Orlando bloom seriously interested in a healthy and balanced diet. In Miranda’s diet includes salmon, avocado, eggs and green juice, but apart from that “angel” Victoria’s Secret does not shrink and regular food. “I eat everything, but not all the time,” admits Australian model and adds: “I love savory food, but the last time I try to quit, replace the salt with lemon juice.” Your day Kerr starts with a glass of warm water with lemon, and Naomi Campbell. “As for Breakfast, it can be boiled eggs or oatmeal, add more spinach, cucumbers, cabbage and celery.”

Kate Upton

What really eat model?

Busty beauty eats 2 boiled eggs and washing it down with green tea. As a snack, Kate prefers 10 pcs. raw almonds or a green juice for lunch – porridge quinoa + vegetables + grilled chicken. Dinner model does not deny, unlike their colleagues. Upton admitted that most often in the evening she eats sashimi or cabbage salad and grilled salmon.

Candice Swanepoel

What really eat model?

“I do not adhere to diets and do not count calories, but at the same time, I follow the diet. Trying to get my food was rich in all essential vitamins. For me it is very important to have in a dish of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats“. Diet looks like this:

Breakfast – coffee, protein shake, bacon and eggs and a croissant.

Lunch – chicken or steak salad with quinoa.

Dinner – “I can afford to eat pasta or grilled salmon, and can not eat at all. It all depends on the mood.”

Joan Smalls

I made it my habit to drink fresh green vegetables.

What really eat model?

“I can’t refuse pizza for lunch or meat, delicious rice and pancakes. And there’s bacon! My nutritionist swears at me and constantly asked how many vegetables I ate during the day. But I definitely have learned to control my serving sizes, I started eating less. And I made it my habit to drink fresh juices from green vegetables.”