How to raise a happy woman

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Girl, girl, woman what kind of images do you have when you say these words?

Who is this woman in your mind is a fragile delicate flower that you want to cherish and keep or workhorse where you need to plow, till she croak?

Do You feel? And as you treat to yourself?
How to raise a happy womanThe modern woman is defenseless. An ignorant society, loss of family values, culture, relations between a man and a woman, the loss of true knowledge, people misunderstanding its nature have led to the fact that the woman from time immemorial kept and preserved, valued and respected, have become a servant for men, children and society as a whole.

Low self-esteem women; her desire to be nice to others if they don’t work and no one appreciates a bitch to everyone; constant overload, stress; the development of masculinity and oblivion of the feminine nature is only a partial list of the consequences of asexual upbringing of children in society.

A girl is born as a full vessel of life-giving water. She’s just overflowing with Joy, Love, Happiness. Look at the little girls they just glow! With the birth care about others, they immediately know what to do, and do it easily and with joy feed their animals, rocking dolls, singing, dancing.

Girl initially got everything I need her to be happy. The task of parents not to spill the vessel, not to make him a pot to quench his thirst, his ambition does not extinguish this spark in children’s eyes.
How to raise a happy woman

The girl brought up very carefully:

– often praise and admire;

– gently establish boundaries;

– in any case do not scold, and even more do not beat;

– help to open up her natural talent by watching and encouraging her desire to do something (singing, dancing, music, Handicrafts);

– preserve and protect from bad influences;

– help you live your negative emotions;

– provide an opportunity to develop intuition;

– teach to be filled with energy and wisely to spend;

– trained to understand people, to feel them, teach relationship.

How to raise a happy woman

How far our education from what requires our nature, You see?

We really liked the statement of Ruslan Narushevich in one of the trainings that “The floor do not wash by girl”. Very well spoken!

What cares the girl’s mother? That she, God forbid, not grown lazy. And that means you need from an early age to clean the house, wash and other dishes.

That was the mother’s pride and studied the best. So, you need to study mathematics until you’re blue, cram hated chemistry, he studied geography, bending your spine under the burden of unnecessary knowledge.

About to made a successful career, learned to make money, because in our time you can be alone with a child, and need to be able and provide, not sit on the neck of the parents. Ie the girl is already pre-programmed to fail in a family, and it’s no wonder because it does not teach them to create and store.
How to raise a happy womanThat was worse than others. So, you need to constantly point out the shortcomings, to compare with other people, to punish and limit her desires.

And girls that was created by God in order to LOVE, which is born with a huge heart, grows a creature that looks like a woman and leading juvenile boy.

The lack of proper education and attitude towards the girl leads to the fact that she is completely disoriented in the world.

She doesn’t value herself, she doesn’t know how to love and for what because its not love just like that, she had to prove with actions that she is worth something.

She doesn’t know their desires, it is not intuitive, because it is accustomed to listen to others and to believe what she is told, fulfilling the will of others.

She desperately wants to be nice to others and doesn’t understand why she is constantly unhappy, why force for goodness is getting smaller, and her efforts to take for granted.

How to raise a happy woman