They put the octopus in a jar. Then the unbelievable happened…

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We used to think that man is the most intelligent creature on the planet. We also know that on earth there are many intelligent animals that live near humans — dogs, horses, elephants, pigs… But hardly any of us expect any intelligent actions, and the more logical actions and signs of observation from shellfish. Believe me, this video will break down all your stereotypes about how these animals behave.

The octopus belongs to the class of cephalopods, and I was very surprised, is the most intelligent animals among the invertebrates. His brain though tiny in size, but very highly developed, has the shape of a donut, and (attention!), is located around the esophagus!

In the following video the man put the octopus in an ordinary jar with a screw cap. I was amazed when this clever creature was able to open a path to freedom. But what happened next made me laugh…

As you can see, this cutie is smart enough to open a jar with a lid by yourself using their “hands”, and funny enough to stay in the Bank and take a fancy to this place of refuge.