Proven: users of iPhone and Android do not want to know each other

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Employees of the popular online Dating site conducted a study and found out that if you are the owner of Android-smartphone, you have virtually no chance of pairing with a lover of Apple technology.

The confrontation fans of iPhone and Android gadgets is a well known phenomenon on the Internet. It is considered that the mutual dislike is evident only when discussing the technical advantages and disadvantages of each platform. However, owners of the popular Dating site had an interesting study which proves that actually we are talking about a much deeper contradictions.

According to statistics, based on analysis of thousands of questionnaires of visitors of the Dating site, iPhone owners refuse to date the owners of Android-gadgets in 21 times more often. Last also not remain in debt. Their opinion about a person 15 times more likely to become negative, if he uses smartphone of Apple.

Proven: users of iPhone and Android do not want to know each other
However, there is one issue on which both sides hold identical views. If a person haven’t updated your smartphone a few years (regardless of manufacturer), its chances for a date are reduced by 56%.

On this statistics you could just laugh and forget, but it demonstrates several important points.

Despite the fact that the cost of Android devices may reach 1 000 dollars, public opinion is still entrenched the stereotype that it is inexpensive gadgets andthey choose not too wealthy people. The same can be said about those who use technically and morally outdated smartphones. Obviously, no one wants tomeet a man who is in dire financial Straits.

Much more interesting to understand the reasons for the dislike of smartphone users on Android to iPhone owners. Here, it seems, is not the case in Economics and Finance, and in the way that happened with the fans of “Apple” gadgets.

Have you ever ever refuse a man’s acquaintance due to the fact that he uses the “wrong” gadget? If so, can present their arguments in the comments?