How to prepare your car for winter? Useful lifehacks

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Winter is coming, open the first rollers, so it’s time to ensure that your car does not slip on the roads as well as your skates on the ice. have gathered useful tips for all car owners.

Change the rubber

Summer tires are made of rubber, which can not provide enough grip during the cold months. Even the most inexpensive winter tires are safer than summer. Choose tyre with an asymmetrical pattern, and if you spend a lot of time out of town – think about studded tires.

How to prepare your car for winter? Useful lifehacks

The wipers also adjust

If you have not changed the wipers last six months, it is better to buy a new one. In the winter it is snowing and raining and from under the wheels of the flying dirt on the windshield, so a good windshield wipers is a thing from the category of “must-have”.

Pour antifreeze instead of water

Do not pull and do it before the onset of freezing temperatures, or you will spend some interesting hours in looking the heated Parking lot to defrost the windscreen.

How to prepare your car for winter? Useful lifehacks

Don’t spare the gasoline

It is recommended to fill the gas tank to the limit before going into the cold. The less gasoline, the more the gas tank of air, and hence water vapor that crystallizes and deposited in the fuel. These micro crystals cause significant harm to the fuel pump and the entire fuel system.

Important stuff

The salon put the brush from the snow and the scraper to clean glass and mirrors. In the trunk, throw the shovel is always handy, and the wire – who knows what.

After the necessary action, think about the comprehensive check of the car and sign up for a mini-diagnosis. If you believe in yourself, use our advice and inspect the car yourself.

Car body

If the bodywork of your car is, even small chips or scratches, it is better to treat the vehicle with special anti-corrosion composition. Because of the reagents which are used on roads and high humidity the car body suffers greatly. To avoid spring repairs, take care of the car in November.

How to prepare your car for winter? Useful lifehacks

Under the hood

First find all of the rubber parts – belts and hoses. Due to freezing temperatures, they often fail, so play it safe and inspect everything again. Can’t hurt to check the oil level and battery status. This means that the terminals and wires should not wear out or rust, and inside the battery enough fluids.

Finally, a few winter lifehacks

Frozen wipers can be revived with the help of cans of Cola.

If the car won’t start in the cold, blinked lights, turn off the appliances and a couple of times by turning the key a half turn in, turn on and turn off the ignition.

Your car starts from the push button starter? Squeeze the brake and hold the key to reading the plate.

Never brake in the turns! Smoothly turn the wheel into the skid and release the accelerator pedal.

Happy journey!

How to prepare your car for winter? Useful lifehacks