Photograph food to eat less. Seriously?!

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Well known fact: if you want to keep fit, you should limit portions. But how to adjust and learn to eat less than you used to? Tell based on one recent study, as you can help in this favorite Instagram.

Try to think why any dinner party main dish served in the middle of a party. This trick is as old as the world, but not everyone can explain it. The point here is this: the expectation of a meal makes any dish tastier than it really is. In addition, the expectation of a direct impact on the saturation within a few seconds, you get the feeling that the desire to satisfy hunger is satisfied.

The same thing happens when we photograph the food before its use. A study published earlier this year in the journal of Consumer Marketing, proves that the process of taking photos of meals before eating (including photo processing and uploading in the social network) makes you perceive it in the best quality. The study involved 120 volunteers, who were divided into two groups: one took a picture of the dish before eating, the other is not. Each group was offered chocolate cake and fruit salad. As a result, those who photographed their food and puts it in the social network, before you eat, noted the taste of the dishes more colorful. There is also another trick — photo of healthy food can affect your desire to eat a particular product. For example, if you can’t stand oatmeal, but for some time will regularly view in Instagram beautiful pictures of this dish, this will allow you more loyal to the product itself or even to love porridge in the morning.

Photograph food to eat less. Seriously?!

But back to small portions. As you probably have guessed, a way of reducing the servings just linked to pictures of food. And indeed it is. Published in early October in the journal of Marketing Research study entitled “Pleasure as a substitute for size: how multi sensory visualization helps people to reduce the portions of food” showed that to reduce the portions you can just presenting the food in my head. Scientists from the University of British Columbia Kornil Yann and Pierre Chandon were able to prove that the idea of smell, taste, texture and even sound of cooking certain foods help to reduce the amount of food that a person consumes at one time.

The study involved thousands of volunteers of all ages and professions. Participants were shown images of food, but also photos reflecting actions that are not related to (for example, photos of children playing in the snow). After that, the participants had to close my eyes and for some time to represent the action that they saw in the picture — cooking, the smell and the taste, the feeling that the chocolate melts in your mouth, or the crunch of snow underfoot. Then each participant was asked to choose one of the six pieces of delicious chocolate cake of a different size. As a result, those of the volunteers who worked with the image of the food, chose the cake of a smaller size. If the participant saw in the pictures junk food or, for example, warning about the dangers of Smoking, in subsequent descriptions, he mentioned that he had received less pleasure from dessert than anticipated.

Photograph food to eat less. Seriously?!

The study authors explained the results as follows: multi sensory exercises provide a sense of the process of eating, but not saturation, while the saturation is achieved after a short time you managed to eat a few pieces. Perhaps this goes against the logic that guided the advertising, placing posters of appetizing food photos, but studies of the physiology of eating talking about the real state of Affairs. So if the challenge is to reduce portions, try just to think and imagine a delicious meal for a few minutes before going to eat her.