Outlandish Iceland with a drone

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Shooting interesting places using a drone mounted thereon the camera becomes, apparently, a hit of the year. In a new video clip shows the places in the plan for the conquest of humanity remains untouched.

The film is A Drone In Iceland was filmed with GoPro Hero 4 attached to a popular quadcopter DJI Phantom 2, time lapses shot on a Nikon D810. 2.5-minute video, the authors fit the glaciers, snowfields, waterfalls, cliffs, and, of course, a trump card of Iceland – the Aurora.

Video shot in different places of Iceland for 13 days. It was made for advertising the training course of the community of professional operators Fstoppers and landscape photographer Elia, Locati.

The creators of the video have noted that the choice of location was not accidental: winter Iceland helped them to encompass the wide variety of shooting situations and weather conditions.