Most original punishment for adultery

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What are the consequences of adultery in different countries: from Mali to USA.

It’s hard to believe, but most of the countries excluded from the penal code the punishment for treason recently — half a century ago. Based on statistics, which reported that every second adult inhabitant of our planet at least once “go left,” the criminal article for high treason today would have overwhelmed the prison. However, whether to believe these numbers — the big question. But the fact that in the world there are still places where adultery is fraught with serious consequences — an indisputable fact.

Most original punishment for adultery


In some countries, the punishment still exists. In Indonesia, for example, the traitors sit behind bars for 15 years. However, there the thrill can’t complain compared to the people of Iran. In Iran the woman caught in adultery, any of her male relatives and has full right to execute, not reporting to the court. Strong floor this terrible punishment does not apply: the man who went to the left, the risk is that public censure.

In this sense, Asian countries still pursue a policy quite soft. Do you think adultery is not only sin, but a punishable offense, but the punishment prescribed is relatively tolerable. In China, convicted of adultery lose half of the property plus sit on the bench for two and a half years. In Vietnam and does fit without emotion, very pragmatic. Changed? Pay. The penalty for treason to three million dongs, that the dollar equivalent of about $150. There is a suspicion that for the Vietnamese this amount is quite serious. In any case, it is better than being executed. Generally, to beat the ruble (the dollar, etc.), as practice shows, the most effective way: the next time a lover adultery a good think or if monogamy is very tortured in starting to save for a new fine.

In Bulgaria, if adultery had destroyed the marriage, alimony is automatically recovered from the one who messed up, in favor of the injured party. The Swiss authorities have acted not less wisely: there are “walking” imposed a temporary ban on the conclusion of a new marriage. Temporary — a period of three years. It is clear that this is Europe, people living quietly and without the formalization of relations, but still — the fact of the ban indicates for the offense and can serve as a Wake-up call the person who was going with a man to connect my life.


Now a little bit exotic. In Afghanistan, there are religious police whose duties include monitoring morale. To adultery the attitude there is, of course, irreconcilable, and as punishment, the local authorities developed a document which takes account of all possible circumstances. The first time the citizen went to the left or have a persistent repeat offender, cheating happened or one-time affair lasts a long time — all of this is important and all this will have to pay.

The scale of punishment that is called for every taste: from whipping people up to ten years in prison. And this, incidentally, is quite a progressive scale, when compared with the same consequences, when the woman is the cheater simply stoned. So everything is relative.

Highly original approach to the solution of the problem in Mali. There are a large number of different tribes, and each looks at infidelity individually. Curious in this sense, members of the Dogon tribe: in the very adultery they do not see anything wrong, except for one “but” — no link to the relatives of the husband/wife. If we get caught — are being driven out of their ranks, they say, go where you want. It is clear that for people to be outside their community is equal to death. Chase not only that/the one who changed, but also the partner. That is generally true.

By the way, about the second half of adultery in the fact that this second half is no less to blame for their actions, sure many people.

Most original punishment for adultery


Beyond all this advanced Papuans. In New Guinea a wife-cheater do not kill, but husband take the life of her “partner”. To do this is the husband (which is logical), and certainly the beheading of the one who has cuckolded him. However, early to rejoice over the weak half: the ritual obliges the seducer of another man’s wife before his death… to eat finger this wife. Which as you can guess, involves the cutting off of the finger. Unpleasant? Of course. But no one finger can be live. So certainly I think fans of adultery in the African Kingdom of Loango where both just take off from the cliff onto the rocks.

I will say that it’s horrible and uncivilized? Perhaps. But if you think that the most advanced country in the world (too controversial, by the way) — the United States — to adultery calmly, you are wrong. Or rather, almost wrong, because the punishment for treason there is not everywhere in the United States, but only ten. And these cars are different. The most severe punishment — in Minnesota, where treason is fraught with five years in prison and a fine of $ 1,000.