Ophiuchus: pros and cons “of the 13th sign of the Zodiac”

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Believe it or not in the new astrological system?

A few weeks ago, the news that NASA discovered the 13th sign of the Zodiac, alarmed the whole world and forced millions of people to reconsider their horoscopes.

According to the new calculations, Ophiuchus not only managed to squeeze in between Scorpio and Sagittarius, but his unexpected appearance pushed all other marks. So many Capricorns appeared suddenly with Aquarius, Lions, Virgins, Pisces, Aries, and indeed the entire old zodiac calendar turned on its head:

Ophiuchus: pros and cons "of the 13th sign of the Zodiac"
Capricorn: January 20 – February 16; Aquarius: February 16 – March 11; Pisces: March 11 – April 18; Aries: April 18 – may 13; Taurus: may 13 – June 21; Gemini: June 21 – July 20; Cancer: July 20 – August 10; Leo: August 10 – September 16; Virgo: September 16 – October 30; Libra: October 30 to November 23; Scorpio: November 23 – November 29; Ophiuchus: November 29 – December 17; Sagittarius: December 17 – January 20.

Really, though, that 86% of us were not those who considered themselves?


No. The Babylonians were the guys calculating. And Ophiuchus was forced out not because of personal animosity. Just the Ecliptic (sun’s annual path) is divided into 12 sectors of 30 degrees, in each of which the Sun is “visiting” for a month. The 13th sign here, and though a bit crowded.

Yes. In the late 1920s of the international astronomical Union redefined the concept of constellations and their list has expanded considerably. The complete list of the 88 constellations with precise delineation of the boundaries between them had been approved in 1931. It turned out that the line of the Ecliptic crosses the little patch of sky is Ophiuchus. Even then, there were the first astrologers who wish to reform the Zodiac. But to convey to the masses their doctrine they did not work — Facebook did not exist.

Believe in the new system or stick with classic old — to solve certainly to you. As for me, after all this hysteria in social networks my skepticism towards the horoscopes reached the limit. With or without Ophiuchus horoscopes and zodiac psycho, in my opinion, is very conditional. And to make an important decision and judge the people, “because it said the stars,” it’s childish, don’t you think?

Ophiuchus: pros and cons "of the 13th sign of the Zodiac"

Moreover, the news about the reform of NASA was sucked from… articles for kids! “We have not changed any of the zodiac signs, — told BBC Lauri Cantillo, head of communications of the National Agency on Aeronautics and space research. We only said that the Earth’s axis has changed and the constellations no longer in the place where they were thousands of years ago.”

Lauri Cantillo also assured that their organization has no interest in astrology. For scientists, it is not a science but an ancient relic that astronomy has nothing to do.

Ophiuchus: pros and cons "of the 13th sign of the Zodiac"
As it turned out from the same denials, the source of the speculation was old material in the children’s educational project NASA Space Place. It does say that the horoscopes do not qualify for the accuracy, because for thousands of years at least changed the position of the axis of the earth relative to the constellations.

Ophiuchus: pros and cons "of the 13th sign of the Zodiac"
As art for kids put on the ears of the adult population of the planet? It remade as entertainment content presented columnist Charlotte Warwick on popular English-language resource for women. Charlotte’s column was published on 15 September, and in the days that followed this theme was picked up and disseminated by the online publication world. What a coup, due to technical reasons is not what happened in the 30-s of XX century, in the digital age was made instantly. That it was a journalistic joke, most will never know.