Office fitness: 7 tips how to lose weight on the job

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That much sitting is harmful, they know everything. But it is not, how to cope with this problem, if the work associated with the office. provides seven useful tips to make your working day a little more productive.

Tip № 1. Often get up

Often get up from the workplace and make a short walk, for example, to the water cooler, coffee machine or your colleagues to chat with him for a few minutes.

Tip № 2. Knead the neck

Keep the table tennis ball. Roll his neck, when she starts to get tired (or even better — just once an hour). Then, sitting on a chair, grasp right hand over his left, and his left hand gently pull your head toward your left shoulder. Change sides and repeat. Do 3-4 sets of 10-20 seconds. This simple exercise will improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of headaches.

Office fitness: 7 tips how to lose weight on the job
Tip № 3. Follow the twisting and the “mill”

Yes, we do not mistake. If you don’t want to get out of the chair, place your left hand over the right thigh and scrutinies right. Don’t forget to repeat the exercise in the other direction. Ready for more? Then feel free to stand up (legs wider than shoulders), lean forwards and do the “mill”: left hand try to touch the right toe and then right hand reach for left. Work vigorously!

Tip № 4. Do forward bends

Tilts will help you to stretch the back muscles. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Bend forward from the hips, reaching fingers to the floor, clasp your hands ankles and try to straighten a back, to press the belly to the feet. Return to starting position and repeat the exercise 3-5 times.

Office fitness: 7 tips how to lose weight on the job
Tip № 5. Stretch the muscles of the legs

While you’re standing at the printer waiting for documents printed, stretch your calf muscles. Put one foot on the heel, toe, point to yourself and stretch the body forward with a straight back (as in tilt). Want to intensify the exercise? Then try to grasp the toe with your hands and pull it.

Tip № 6. Make a banner back

To stretch your tired back, up against the wall and rest against it (hands on the shoulder width). Move away from the back walls without lifting a hand, as long as your body will not be parallel to the floor. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds. If keeping the legs straight is too difficult, bend them slightly at the knees and keeping your back straight, gradually try to straighten (so you will stretch more and the back surface of the hips).

Tip № 7. Stretch like you just woke up

Useful “try” has not been canceled: just lift straight arms over head, connect the brush to the castle and follow the slopes of the body left and right for 10-15 seconds.

Office fitness: 7 tips how to lose weight on the job