As not to spoil the vision at the computer

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We all spend a lot of time behind a computer screen, tablet, smartphone. Our eyesight deteriorates over time – seemingly there’s no escape. Eyes get tired, red, “dry.” These symptoms can be eliminated if you follow the vision.

Why your eyes get tired?

During the day the eye is exposed to enormous loads, with the result that they have to refocus about 15-20 thousand times. From the computer they jump on paper, and then the window, then on the smartphone screen. Pixels and lights are extinguished by keeping our precious eyes in constant tension. In addition, reading from the screen, the eyes blink less often than is necessary: he is not getting the necessary amount of lacrimal fluid and “dry”. Researchers have shown that the easiest way to ruin the vision is to work at the computer.

Glare and reflection on the monitor just makes it worse: we squint, stare, strain vision. We twist head and neck, the result of straining not only the eyes, but also muscles. Over time, computer vision syndrome can cause a lot of discomfort. If your eyes are red, watery and sore – you need to act immediately.

What you need to do?

First, you need to properly equip the workplace. Put the computer down so that the light from the window fell on the side, preferably the left – this will eliminate the glare on the screen. The upper part of the monitor should be at eye level, the distance from the monitor to user – about 60-70 centimeters. Second, make sure the screen brightness is not too high or too low. If during the day you have to sit for a long time, the chair should be comfortable. Oh, and keep your back straight and stand up straight.

As not to spoil the vision at the computer

Exercises for the eyes

Your eyes have a rest throughout the working day, they need to stretch. Time about 50 minutes you have to take a break: take the eyes from the computer and look out the window (suddenly at this time there something interesting happening?). Find some object in the distance and focus on it view – this will allow you to quickly relieve stress.

Move your eyes up and down, side to side, do circular motion. Get eyes to your nose, then turn left and look in the lower right corner.

To find a point at a distance of about half a meter from you, located at the level of your eyes. Look at her and don’t blink for 30 seconds. Eyes begin to fill with tears, but have to be patient – exercise is good for stress.

It is useful to distract and mentally. Close your eyes for some time and think of something good: for example, imagine yourself on the beach. Try to consider the landscape, move your eyes: look at the palm trees, waves, sky and clouds. This technique not only relaxes and allows you to escape, but also gives pause to the work of the eye.

Allocate three minutes for exercises for the eyes at least once an hour, and then you will never have problems with vision. If you forget – set a smartphone timer which would you suggest that it is time to be distracted.

As not to spoil the vision at the computer

Mischief to the eyes

Remember the ads on TV that constantly flashes and advises to use drops for the eyes? She says that one puff will deliver you from all problems and exercises do not necessarily. But first, it is rather an auxiliary tool, and secondly, many eye drops cause more harm than benefit. Due to the vasoconstrictor actions are just more “dry” eyes. The right tool will help you to choose the doctor, but that did not hurt, so it’s “natural tear”, a drug that will moisturize your eyes. In addition, there are vitamins for the eyes, but about the appropriateness of their admission is better to ask the doctor.

Useful thing can be special glasses for the computer lenses which have a special coating that eliminates glare and blue spectrum, which is a cause of visual fatigue.